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Online retail has hit brick-and-mortar sales and foot traffic hard, but the right technology can close the gap. With big data and in-store analytics, retailers can use digital capabilities to transform their physical operations, from understanding exactly how consumers engage with their shops, to streamlining their store layout and operations to boost profits. And that’s where NCR VOYIX Horizon comes in.



What is NCR Horizon?


NCR Horizon is a comprehensive SAAS cloud-based solution and consultancy service that enables retailers to monitor and optimize their self-checkout estate.


With a self-checkout market share of over 75%, NCR knows retail self-checkout better than anyone else. By blending our deep industry expertise with A.I.-based operational analysis and subject matter expertise, we provide the guidance and support you need to optimize your store environment and:


  • Reduce the number of staff interventions making the checkout process quicker for shoppers and improving customer service


  • Improve the availability of self-checkouts – using combined data from Availability and System Health, NCR Horizon can identify hardware issues that could keep lanes from being available


  • Deliver better cash management – the solution identifies how shoppers are paying and provides recommendations on to create more effective cash management routines, resulting in reduced operational costs


  • Increase store productivity – using the data from the productivity reports, NCR Horizon identifies where customers are checking out and recommends operational and behavioral changes that result in faster checkout times, reduced queues and improved customer service


Get expert insight at the enterprise, store and lane level, including store format, hardware and geography.  


Enjoy greater visibility into your operations with a monthly consultancy report that includes status summaries and actionable insights.    


Every month, we’ll send you a monthly readout and review of our recommendations and help you develop an action plan.   


Review your SCO estate status and improvements in a single, easy to access portal.   



Rest easy with hands-on customer service to manage ad hoc queries and connect with our solution experts.    



NCR is the global leader of self-checkout shipments across the globe for 15 consecutive years.



Proven track record with global availability and global footprint (deployed across 35 countries in 31 languages) and integrated with 170+ different POS systems worldwide.