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Suffering from multi-vendor migraines? NCR VOYIX can help alleviate that pain with Total Store



Managing retail technology from a variety of vendors can be overwhelming. NCR provides the one point of contact relief retailers are seeking by leveraging our deep industry expertise and multi-vendor experience to effectively manage your multi-vendor solutions. Discover the power of one and improve your service costs and solution availability with NCR.

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Product Summary





The convenience and efficiency of one-source multi-vendor maintenance 



At NCR, we understand that your business must be operational for critical customer interactions. Our extensive experience and global resources provide you with a service partner that can optimize your technology over its lifespan, enabling you to be available when and where you are needed most. Experience improved availability, more control over costs and growing customer satisfaction leveraging a combination of remote problem resolution processes, a variety of service level options, and the benefit of ongoing account analysis.



Extensive multi-vendor support experience  


Our customers trust us to service millions of units of nonNCR technology installed at retailers, financial institutions, airports and other establishments around the globe. NCR is the industry leader in providing total store multi-vendor support services on point-of-sale and self-service solutions, in addition to PCs, servers, network equipment and many other peripherals. 


NCR provides service on thousands of models from hundreds of vendors including:


  • IBM, Micros, PAR, Fujitsu, Panasonic, and Radiant point of sale (POS) and peripherals
  • Symbol scanners
  • Diebold, Wincor Nixdorf and Triton ATMs
  • Dell, HP, Lenovo and IBM servers and PCs
  • Lexmark, Epson, and HP printers



Simplify your operations with NCR’s multi-vendor technology expertise  


Troubleshooting an issue between multiple vendors lengthens technology downtime, taxes your productivity and adds to your administrative workload. Eliminating multiple service providers can improve operational efficiency and reduce your service management costs. As the single point of contact, NCR will own the service incident and tracking of your multi-vendor technology from call inception through service completion.



Keep shopper transactions moving smoothly  


NCR Services leverages a global workforce of over 13,000 consultants and technical support experts, with many trained on multi-vendor products. NCR help desk analysts can provide a single point of contact for remote resolution and incident management. If on-site assistance is required, our engineers can be dispatched up to seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to ensure that your solutions are up and running when your customers need them. NCR’s strong support infrastructure, remote resolution capabilities and worldwide parts logistics improve first-visit resolution, which drives higher solution availability.



Transition with ease to NCR Total Store services  


NCR applies a comprehensive service assumption process coordinating the needed parts, support tools and training required to maintain your technology from the inception of your service through its lifecycle. 


Our experienced team provides resources for detailed account analysis. Based on your custom support plan, an NCR account professional will proactively analyze your call volumes and recommend improvements. Poorly performing locations will be targeted for training, software enhancements or hardware fixes to reduce operational costs and improve system availability.



Trusted Partner 


The NCR team that maintains your existing equipment is also available to help you upgrade that equipment or install and integrate new solutions. Our experienced team can manage your deployment from start to finish. The team will work to efficiently implement your new systems while minimizing business disruption and reducing extra work for your employees.



Key features 


  • Proven multi-vendor service expertise with hundreds of vendors
  • Single-point-of-service accountability
  • 13,000+ service professionals in more than 90 countries
  • Incident management
  • Service over 2.5 million units of non-NCR equipment
  • 24x7 global coverage and flexible service options
  • Detailed account analysis and proactive recommendations





Move forward with NCR VOYIX 



Being a small business owner is hard; you’ve got a lot of balls in the air, and dropping even one is not an option. Systems that make business easier make your customers happier, and (best of all) help you make more money.





  • Installation
  • Support
  • Hardware maintainence
  • Software maintainence
  • Project management
  • Consulting
  • Training





Installation - Tired of paying for a technician? NCR’s systems are easy to install. Just plug it in.  


Support - Have questions? No problem. We have got your back. Call support any time, and we will do what it takes to make your everyday easier.


Hardware and software maintainence - We know you’re running a business, and it’s got to keep running. We won’t leave you swinging in the wind if something goes wrong. Your hardware and software is fully covered, and we’ll provide fast service and maintenance. Every time.


Project management/consulting - No matter where you are, there is someone at NCR thinking of you. You have a project manager who will always have your best interests in mind.


Training - Learning a new system shouldn’t get in the way of having the best technology for your business. RPOS is so easy to install and use that you can get your staff up to speed in the time is takes to down a cup of coffee.