Digital Connected Services

Your retail environment is more connected than ever before, from point of sales and self-checkout machines to security alarms, to customer mobile devices, to temperature control. Ensuring your connected devices are fully functional, available and secure is critical to delivering an excellent customer experience and seamless operation. NCR VOYIX's Digital Connected Premise works to keep your business up and running for a world that never stops.


The NCR Digital Connected Service Platform is always monitoring your IoT devices, to detect issues as soon as they arise, in order to initiate resolution before it comes to your attention. We have multiple ways of resolving a service incident based on the nature of the issue. Machine-to-machine is an automated remote resolution process. Human assisted is used when an incident needs to be resolved remotely, through the assistance of human intervention. Finally, in some instances, we dispatch a customer engineer to resolve the issue.


The Digital Connected Premise provides user-based dashboards and key business insights to help you drive your business. NCR's Digital Connected Premise drives service availability improvements, store associated productivity, total cost of ownership reduction, new business insights. The power and flexibility of NCR's Digital Connected Services allows for the interconnected world of tomorrow to be at your fingertips today.