NCR VOYIX Deployment & Upgrade Services for Retail

Your complex retail business deserves retail technology experts with the experience and skill required for your deployment success.


Inexperienced retail solution deployment providers can cost you time and money. NCR VOYIX has deep retail experience and highly trained professionals that can provide fast time-to-market with carefully planned, end-to-end deployment management, execution, monitoring and reporting, providing retailers with one-stop-shop solution delivery.







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Product Summary


NCR VOYIX RETAIL DEPLOYMENT SERVICES - Optimal availability when your customers require



Going beyond simple IT Installations with true business integration


Successfully connecting with your customers requires a keen focus on customer preferences and the agility to transform your business to reflect those preferences. Deploying next generation technology is a necessary step in remaining competitive, but your success depends upon true business integration and not just fragmented installations. At NCR we understand your business needs and provide IT deployment solutions that are truly integrated into your retail environment. Partner with NCR to effectively integrate IT solutions across your enterprise while you remain focused on what is important; running your business.



Transformation begins with a trusted partner and a plan


Transforming your stores is both an exciting and overwhelming task. Enterprise-wide technology deployments are indeed a significant undertaking to conduct on your own, and with minimal resources and inexperience it can cost you greatly. The right partnership with an experienced service provider can ensure that you deploy your solutions when and where you require. 


NCR can help streamline the process with trained resources, integration expertise and a solid infrastructure to effectively scale for retail IT deployments anywhere across the globe. Let NCR lead your technology integration efforts enabling you to more quickly realize a return on your investments.


We’re as focused on your big picture as you are.



Begin your transformation today 


Don’t let the thought of IT deployment nightmares discourage you from deploying the new technology you need to move your business forward. Whether you are updating your in-store wireless network, introducing new point of sale devices or implementing new self-service technology, NCR is here to make your life easier. We will partner with you to lead your planned deployment cycles ensuring that your technology is integrated properly to work within your unique retail environment. 


Deployed retail technology can include the following technology:


  • Point-of-sale systems and peripherals
  • Self-service checkout technology
  • Self-service kiosk technology
  • Networking deployments for back-office and Local Area Networks (LANs) infrastructures such as Wireless LANs and Wired Wide Area Networks 



The global multi-vendor expertise your business requires


Enjoy the simplicity of a single-source for your IT deployment needs. Whether your equipment is from one vendor or multiple vendors, NCR has the expertise to integrate solutions into your environment quickly and efficiently enabling you to realize a more expedient return on your IT investments.


NCR is armed with over 13,000 badged professionals who have deep domain expertise associated with complex retail multisite and multivendor integration projects. NCR can easily support deployments in multiple locations around the world, in more than 90 countries. NCR conducts over 480,000 equipment installations, moves, adds and changes annually.



Long-term success 


NCR is committed to being your long-term partner. Deployment doesn’t end with flipping the “on” switch. Our installation professionals will train your staff on the newly installed technology so that you are ready to hit the ground running, making the most out of your investment. If desired, we will also de-install and dispose of your old equipment as part of the deployment process. Count on NCR as your long-term partner who has the solutions to meet your needs both now and as your business evolves.


NCR Retail Deployment Services delivers high-quality, fast and efficient retail IT installations 



Leverage proven processes 


NCR drives the success of your deployment by using a proven methodology to integrate your new solutions into your unique retail environment. NCR facilitates each step from assessment through installation by utilizing our best practice methodology, which can include any of the following:


Project management 


  • Large-scale mission-critical projects precisely managed with our project management expertise.
  • Single point of contact for end-to-end project management
  • 24x7 online project status access.


Site assessment and preparation  


  • Industry-leading tools and processes to assess store readiness, minimizing installation time and business disruption
  • Wiring and cabling capabilities


Equipment staging  


  • Leverage NCR’s state-of-the-art global staging facilities where equipment components are assembled, loaded, configured and tested.
  • Centralized staging provides rollout efficiencies and accelerates availability


Equipment installation, moves/adds/changes  


  • Flexible installation times, unpacking of equipment, installation, verification testing, user acceptance and staff training.
  • Wi-Fi installation experience in the latest Wireless LAN technologies
  • Specialized in seasonal moves and installations


Equipment de-Installation and disposal 


  • Removal and disposal of old equipment in an environmentally responsible manner



NCR Retail Managed Services


NCR offers a suite of managed services designed to help you get the most out of your IT investments with transparent insight and analytics. Secure, predict and proactively manage and optimize your retail stores with NCR’s Retail Managed Services. 



Key features


  • Industry-leading project management
  • Installations, moves, adds and changes
  • Support for equipment from NCR and other vendors
  • 24x7 installation scheduling
  • Comprehensive site evaluation and preparation
  • Staging at state-of-the-art global facilities
  • Hassle-free de-installation and equipment disposal
  • Team of retail experts focused on your installation


NCR VOYIX Deployment Services 



Are you ready for easier and faster installations—regardless of location, size and complexity?



We don’t just deliver quality deployment services—we deliver peace of mind


When you choose NCR Deployment Services, you’re choosing a global workforce of over 13,000-badged and experienced professionals who will plan your project, prepare your sites, stage your equipment and seamlessly install your new technology, with minimal disruption to your business. It’s that simple. Whether your technology deployment is global or local, complex or quick, NCR will get the job done—on time and on budget. 



The deployment process made simple 


With NCR on the job, you can breathe easily– and stay focused on high-level concerns. Our industry-certified Project Managers (PMs) will serve as your single point of contact and accountability throughout the entire deployment process for a truly seamless experience. They’ll work with you to put a plan in place for a successful deployment, keep you in the loop with online reporting and updates, and help minimise overall project risk. Our goal is to make the deployment process fast, efficient and worry-free.



Advance planning for faster results 


Our Site Preparation Services ensure that your sites are 100% ready for installation to prevent unexpected and unnecessary delays. And we’ll manage every aspect, from site selection and surveys to riggers and needed subcontractors. We’ll evaluate your site’s power, structure, networking and cabling environment and make any necessary changes. And if you need an inventory of IT assets for tracking and maintenance, we’ll get the job done.



Centralised staging to ensure quality 


Installation delays, improper component connections and DOA equipment can have a major impact on your business continuity and ROI. NCR’s centralised staging services are designed to dramatically reduce installation time and on-site equipment failure.Our staging professionals will assemble, load, configure and test all your hardware and software so it arrives on time and ready to install. Our state-of-the-art staging centres also procure and stage multi-vendor products and refurbish old equipment. With NCR, you can rest assured that the words “Dead On Arrival” will no longer be part of your vocabulary. 



Beyond deployment for long-term success 


Deployment doesn’t end with hitting the “on” switch. Our installation professionals will fully train your employees and operators on your newly installed technology to ensure that you’re ready to hit the ground running and make the most of your investment. We’ll also de-install and dispose of your old equipment as part of the deployment process. You can rest easily knowing we’ll comply with the appropriate regulations and environmental considerations.



Higher availability and faster ROI 


Whether you’re installing new technologies, or moving, changing or adding to existing equipment, our ultimate goals is to help you improve your customer experience without disrupting business as usual. NCR Deployment Services are backed by a proven deployment infrastructure to ensure that engineers with the right skills complete your rollout, on time and within budget. So you’ll have increased availability, and your consumers will have quicker access to your newly installed equipment and software— which means a faster ROI for you.



Key Features 


  • Industry-leading project management
  • Proven deployment methodology
  • 24x7 installation scheduling
  • Online customer reporting
  • Comprehensive site evaluation and preparation
  • Staging at state-of-the art regional facilities
  • Installations, moves, adds and changes (IMACs)
  • Hassle-free de-installation and equipment disposal