Transform your front end, your customer experience and your labor costs with self-service solutions from NCR.

Give your customers choice, convenience and a speedy checkout while giving your throughput and labor efficiency a boost.

Make checkout frictionless whether your customers buy one item or 50+ items

Give your customers a choice between self-serve and assisted thanks to a fully flexible service model

Bring physical and digital shopping together with mobile shopping integration

NCR FastLane Family Hardware

NCR FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout R6 Cash Tender Module

Worried about counterfeit bills? Reduce your risk of fraud and loss with the advanced recycling technology of the Cash Tender Module.   

  • Enhanced cash and employee security
  • Reduced access to cash to help minimize shrink
  • Automated cash tendering to increase speed and accuracy
  • Improved cash accountability and traceability
  • Increased productivity of the cash office
  • Decreased POS integration time

NCR FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout R6C

Offer your shoppers a modern look and experience that complements almost any retail environment and brand.

  • Supports Computer Vision Security Solutions
  • Enables converting from self-service to attended mode in seconds
  • Features a secure enclosure with optional electronic combination lock
  • Delivers an intuitive self-service experience 

NCR FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout R6L

Advanced processor technology gives your customers a fast, easy experience while giving you a path to future innovation.

  • Leverage the NCR XR7 responsive multi-touch display with sleek edge-to-edge glass. The intervention light features LED lighting, reducing your power consumption. 
  • Take advantage of the latest NCR innovations by using NCR RealScan 79e Bi-Optic Scanner with Produce Assurance and Picklist Assist. NCR Picklist Assist uses imaging technology to suggest user-friendly “short lists” to speed up item selection, getting shoppers on their way faster. 


NCR FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout R6L Plus

With the enhancements NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout R6L Plus offers, retailers like you can provide your shoppers with an easier way to scan, bag, and pay for their items while helping your bottom line.

  • Proven cash handling capabilities
  • Coin and note recycler
  • Advanced processor technology provides a path to future operating systems

NCR FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout R6LN Plus

Fit all the benefits of self-checkout into a smaller footprint that supports credit and debit, plus bi-optic imaging technology to enhance security and customer convenience.

  • Compact footprint with support for debit and credit payments
  • Optional bagging modules available with weight-based security
  • Tri-light with customizable signage and optional security camera
  • High bright multi-touch display with edge-to-edge glass
  • Intuitive FastLane Release 6 application software
  • Support for 1D, 2D, and mobile bar codes with the RealScan™ 79e bi-optic imager
  • Enhanced security and shopper convenience with NCR Computer Vision Solutions: SmartAssist, Picklist Assist, and Produce Assurance    

NCR SelfServ™ 90

Need a more flexible fit? Choose this card-only self-checkout that you can mount on a pedestal, countertop or wall.

  • Flexible mounting options—floor-standing pedestal, countertop, or wall
  • Integrated imager, receipt printer, and coupon bin
  • Zero-bezel, all-glass projected capacitive touchscreen
  • High-performance 4th generation Intel ® Core™ Processor family    

NCR FastLane Family Software and Computer Vision Security Solutions


This computer vision security solution for self-checkout uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor transactions as they happen in real-time. When the AI detects a suspicious event, the system alerts remote security experts – and instantly notifies your in-store self-checkout attendant so they can step in. It also cuts down on unnecessary interruptions, such as a shopper placing a handbag in the bagging area, further speeding checkout for customers.

Computer Vision Solutions

When you simplify the checkout process, you shorten transaction times. Our computer vision solutions also help you cut down on unnecessary interventions, reduce front-end fraud and see better productivity from your attendants.



NCR FastLane Mobile Shopper

Your customers can scan, bag, pay and go—all using your personal handheld shopping device or their mobile phones.

Key Software Features

  • Supports consumer iOS and Android‑based devices and Android‑based personal shopping devices
  • Intuitive personal shopping application
  • Ability to access and modify shopping lists on the go and to track spending
  • Integration with POS and loyalty applications to deliver real-time offers
  • Support for item location, detailed product information and price verification
  • Tendering capability at self checkout, on the personal shopping device, or mobile phone, and at an assisted lane

Key Hardware Features

  • Ruggedized personal shopping device with “drop and tumble” tested design and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display
  • Ergonomic design with easy to read touch screen
  • Omni-directional scanning capability and support for 1D, 2D, and mobile barcodes
  • Fast wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
  • High capacity battery design charges quickly
  • Variety of charging cradles available

NCR FastLane Family Software

Offer the fastest, most intuitive checkout experiences out there—for your customers and your attendants—with the most feature-rich, reliable self-checkout application in the market.

  • Intuitive user interface designed by  User Experience (Ux)/ and User Interface (UI) experts
  • Flat UI design that is simple and clean
  • Gesture-enabled interactions
  • Comprehensive weight-based security and adaptive security features
  • Exclusive “zero touch” transaction capability
  • Extensive attendant monitoring capability to handle up to 10 self-checkout lanes
  • Successful deployment with more than 170 different POS systems

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