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Retail Analytics and Insight

Improve your self-checkout efficiency

Retail Analytics and Insight (RAI) offers retailers the ability to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience at self-checkouts. Using self-checkout data, RAI provides retailers with monthly reports on key performance indicators, as well as a web dashboard where they can view relevant data across their estate. With RAI, businesses can make the most of their self-checkout operation and optimize their staff planning accordingly.


NCR VOYIX Retail Analytics and Insight (RAI) provides retail analytics, insight, reporting, and dashboards around your self-checkout data. We help our retailers monitor operational data in real-time so they can accelerate self-checkout adoption while improving store efficiency with a clear strategy that drives insights from data. Our dashboard provides actionable information on customer self-service adoption, allowing data to be used to reduce customer friction, increase throughput, and better manage staffing levels and cash management.

You’ll be able to see how many customers are using the kiosks at any given time so you can make sure there is always enough staff in case they need help. 

Our software will also help you identify which items are most popular among shoppers who use the kiosks so that you can stock those items first. 

If something goes wrong during checkout – like an item not scanning correctly – our system will send an alert directly to your mobile device so that it doesn’t hold up other customers behind them in line. 

You can use our software to make sure your staff is always at their best by having them focus on what matters most – customers! 

NCR VOYIX Retail Analytics and Insight is the perfect data and insight solution for retailers who want to improve their self-checkout operation.

Rocket to efficiency with self-checkout performance data


  • Monitoring average basket sizes and transaction times:
  • Helps identify poor compliance 
  • Enables recommendations to be made to drive transaction improvements


  • Performance against targets enables retailers to refocus and improve. 
  • Opening or closing lanes
  • Staff skills
  • Customer responsiveness
  • Lane availability


  • Are all lanes being used?
  • Are customers being directed to the right lanes?


  • Analysis of combined data can identify if hardware issues are stopping lanes from being available.
  • Corrective maintenance training reduces help desk calls, increases lane availability and reduces staff and customer frustration.


  • Insight into SCO utilization and transaction times helps pin-point areas for improvement.
  • Optimise attendant ratios to improve capacity and replenishment routines.

Cash Reporting

  • Looking at reasons lanes are closed unnecessarily may lead to needing to Improve cash management processes.


  • Monitoring incorrect weights put through by staff can help rectify the level of weight mismatches.
  • Careful management will reduce poor store compliance and provide a trigger to issue a realignment process across the store estate.


  • Unavoidable interventions create delays to customers, take man hours away from service and reduce throughput capacity.
  • By identifying and reducing unnecessary interventions will reduce customer frustration and attendant work load. 


  • Understanding intervention levels and attendant response times means you can:
  • Improve skill levels and attendant ratios
  • Pin point potential solution issues

Cash lifts

  • Stores typically complete the cash processes as part of a set daily routine. 
  • SCO lanes have cash removed when not required.  By enabling store staff to view cash levels it will enable a more optimal level of cash collection to be achieved.

Change runs

  • Stores often replenish change unnecessarily or overfill the units. This results in unnecessary processes to count and remove coins.
  • If change runs are too frequent, self-checkout service throughout could be impacted.


  • As customer tender preferences alter by continually monitoring cash levels, it helps raise a trigger for when overall cash processes should be refined as well as a potential review of the self-checkout's configuration.


  • To save time, stores often bypass IT helpdesks and reboot the system themselves.  
  • Corrective training and an improved understanding of system maintenance will reduce the impact on lane availability.

Weight-learning database

  • We can identify problems with stores based on the file size of their weight learning database. 
  • Refreshing the WLDB can improve attendant operation and security around products.


  • Clustering data from across an estate to identify specific hardware components that may be causing consistent issues in store. 
  • Determine global issues with hardware or identify a gap in training. 



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With NCR VOYIX Retail Analytics & Insight (RAI), we make it easy for retailers everywhere to improve their bottom line while providing a seamless shopping experience for every customer who walks through their doors. Now isn't that worth investing some time into?