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NCR VOYIX’s Platform Enablement Service™

Transition smoothly from your legacy systems to next generation architecture

Transform, connect and run your retail platform with NCR VOYIX's Platform Enablement service.


  • IT functions can’t keep up with the pace of change in the marketplace and are unable to move as quickly as the market demands, due to a lack of internal capacity and/or capability 
  • Tech debt and complexity resulting from the combination of legacy applications, monolithic architecture, custom-code, and integration mean that it can be costly to innovate 
  • While the business functions as usual, the cost of supporting and maintaining legacy systems continues to mount and the business is at risk of competitive disruption

Maximize outcomes with a trusted partner

  • More effective and efficient business operations
    • Lower business operation and change management costs
    • Share business capabilities across the organization
    • Improve business productivity
    • Innovate and integrate in a fraction of the time
  • More effective and efficient Digital Transformation and IT operations
    • Extend effective reach of the enterprise through digital capability
    • Lower software development, support, and maintenance costs
    • Improve interoperability and easier system and network management
    • Upgrade and exchange of system components easily
  • Better return on existing investment, reduced risk for future investment
    • Reduce complexity in the business and IT
    • Flexible architecture that reduces tech debt & vendor ‘lock-in’.
    • Maximum return on investment in existing business and IT infrastructure
    • The flexibility to make, buy, or out-source business and IT solutions

Why NCR VOYIX Retail Platform Enablement

The BSL Platform
allows retailers to build microservices within their next generation software platform
100+ years
of retail experience and have distributed solutions in over 125 countries
Top ten provider
of retail software and SaaS worldwide
NCR VOYIX Corporation
is committed to implementing leading data protection standards to protect the confidentiality and integrity of Personal Data

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