Customer Self-service Solution (CSS)

NCR leads in customer self service (CSS) and kitchen production software and hardware solutions for petroleum and convenience retail. Many of NCR’s convenience retailers use CSS and RPOS, which are part of the same software package and have a natural integration. However, some convenience retailers do not have RPOS and chose to integrate these CSS kiosks with their existing POS. In such cases, the CSS generates XML-based transaction files to be imported by the POS as ‘suspended sales’ so that they can be recalled on the POS for payment. The customer receipts generated Radiant CSS includes a barcode that can be used by these POS systems to identify the transaction file for import.

NCR has vast experience, and is a leader, in providing foodservice solutions for petroleum and convenience retailers. The customer self-service (CSS) and kitchen production solution (KPS) help retailers grow their business by focusing on speed-of-service, order accuracy, upselling, and customization for consumers.

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