Consumer Engagement Beyond the Pump

Is your enterprise equipped to cater to today’s time-starved consumer, who uses the c-store as more than just a place to get gas? NCR customer engagement solutions help you interact with customers in the forecourt, in the store, and wherever they go – and keep them coming back for more.  

Imagine the ability to create complex real-time promotions, then delivering them through all the channels where your customers live, work, and play. With highly personalized and relevant offers, you can encourage the behaviors that boost spend and loyalty. NCR has the domain expertise to help you optimize your promotional effectiveness as well as boost retention by managing a broad range of marketing initiatives that cross channels and touch points. Further, you can integrate these solutions with your existing POS and eCommerce systems to make the most of your investment. Need help customizing the program that’s right for your business? Our Professional Services Loyalty Consulting team is here to help.

Proven Performance

15+ years helping retailers around the world, processing 4 billion concurrent offers every week

Omni-Channel Consistency

The scalability and flexibility needed to create and manage complex offers and achieve promotions seamless across channels

High-Level Engagement

Give offers enhanced reach and relevance, based on defined shopper preferences for next-level targeting and personalization

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Build loyalty and revenues through repeat business using a powerful and scalable solution
Streamline the oversight and management of marketing initiatives via a single enterprise offer management system
Deliver real-time marketing messages consistently across all channels
Easily manage point and continuity programs centrally
Create targeted and relevant offers based on customer-defined preference
Integrate your loyalty program with other tools, such as loyalty analytics, digital coupons, and digital receipts
Get actionable insights and improve campaign effectiveness

• Logix user interface: the web-based interface through which retail and marketing professionals create, execute and manage offers

• Multiple execution channels

• Importing and exporting offers

• Hierarchical product and store organization