Loyalty and Offer Management

Customers today have a virtually endless array of choices when it comes to what, where, when and

how they shop. How can you make sure they keep returning to you? One key way to keep them

coming back for more is through a robust loyalty management program. As the retail

environment grows more and more competitive, such a program is critical to your success.

Learning as much as possible about your shoppers, their preferences, and their buying habits—

and using that information to deliver relevant and personalized consultative selling and offers—

enables you to build loyalty. NCR’s loyalty management solutions help you:

  • Learn detailed, relevant information about your shoppers’ behavior, helping you deliver a 

     customized experience that keeps shoppers captivated


  • Deliver unified messaging across channels to build presence and affinity for your brand

  • Create highly customized marketing and promotional campaigns to continuously engage your



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