OPTIC 5 is one of our industrial multimedia devices tailor-made for outdoor fuel retailing. NCR OPTIC 5 stands apart from the rest, providing an amazing array of features at a remarkable price. Offering your customers the ultimate in convenience on the forecourt, the OPTIC 5 supports a wide range of payment options including debit, credit, “tap and go,” vouchers and coupons, along with loyalty programs. Carefully sized, OPTIC 5 is small enough to fit in any standard pump head or pedestal, yet large enough to house a large graphical display with a user-friendly interface and promotional advertising to help, build your brand and encourage in-store shopping.

  • Significantly reduce your capital outlay
  • Present a consistent customer experience across all of your sites touch points
  • Shorten the payment process to help alleviate forecourt congestion
  • Offer flexible payment options to your customers
  • Be ready for the explosion of tap and go and smartphone payments
  • Protect your customers against fraudulent attacks
  • Connect with and upsell to your customers while they fuel
  • Print receipts fast, with options for printing barcodes

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