Securing Consumer Satisfaction at the Pump


Securing Consumer Satisfaction at the Pump

Get EMV-ready and create new opportunities for consumer engagement at the pump.


NCR Outdoor Transformation Solution provides a safe and secure way for consumers to pay for gas and prepares you for the EMV liability shift and opens the door for driving in-store sales and building consumer engagement at the pump.


Convenience stores and other petroleum retailers are under pressure to become EMV-compliant by 2020. Rising numbers of fraud cases and consumer concerns means that EMV compliance isn’t just about meeting impending regulations – it’s also an opportunity to build trust and loyalty. Consumers are more inclined to shop with merchants they know provide secure payment transaction processing. 


Our OPTIC technology ensures EMV compliance and opens new marketing opportunities for consumers at the pump. With the ubiquity of pay-at-pump technology, consumers don’t feel the need to go inside convenience stores – cutting down sales of products that tend to have higher profits. Research from the NACS discovered that 65-75% of fuel consumers never walk inside the store.  NCR OPTIC helps reverse this trend.


Capture the attention of fuel-only customers and bring them inside the store with personalized, consumer-focused promotions. OPTIC technology includes an open architecture that allows completely customizable content that can grow sales, provide services for consumers, or even create marketing revenue streams.  For example, allowing consumers to order foodservice items, generating time-sensitive coupons, displaying ads or videos, and even providing content such as news, traffic alerts and entertainment.


NCR makes it easy to move to OPTIC with retrofit kits for all major pump brands.  Once you move to OPTIC, not only are your pumps EMV-ready, the content you show at the pump is easy to maintain, customize by shopper and update, ensuring  your forecourt investment is future-proofed for the long haul.

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