Provide high availability to your business with remote asset and process management

Solution that monitors, in real time, the functioning of hardware and software.


  • Increased availability: Helps remotely manage and enable real-time monitoring of assets and critical processes that goes beyond fault detection, acting as a strategic tool with a focus on increasing availability and asset control
  • Online information: Makes information and resources available for administration of the terminal network locally or remotely and enables monitoring through reports and history of all events
  • Continuous monitoring: Performs “always on” monitoring and detects any potential problem that may interrupt service through online information and automatic opening of events, ensuring centralized management of problems and solutions with the possibility of preventive actions in order to reduce any unavailability
  • Process management: Monitors specific processes for each client, with a focus on critical procedures with the possibility to create alerts for daily routines that were not performed in a timely manner
  • Proactive actions: Allows proactive management of the IT infrastructure with monitoring of service levels in response to incidents and proactive actions to mitigate inoperability of the monitored solutions
  • Asset management: Enables the management of terminals, computers and servers, checking aspects such as performance, status of applications and services, status of communication with peripherals and inventory data
  • POS monitoring: Performs remote management of the communication status of POS, online and offline, constantly monitor peripherals connected to the CPU, continuously monitor the status of application execution, inventory of errors or failures and provide managerial views of the processes executed at the POS
  • Monitoring of branches and services point: Allows remote management of the entire ATMs environment Recyclers, workstations, multifunctional printers and TCRs, identifying communication problems, status of peripherals and installed applications in addition to providing full equipment inventory
  • Cost reduction: Reduces costs with helpdesk, support and management in addition to increasing the availability of the monitored technology solution


Improve your business operation, promote the governance and control of all terminals and critical processes in stores offering high availability in the service provided to your customer.

  • Maximizes the availability of your self-service terminals or ATMs, avoiding unnecessary interruptions
  • Remotely tracks input replacement needs (printer reels and cash for withdrawals)
  • Monitors the applications installed in the branches' boxes and the peripherals connected to the box terminals, such as bill dispenser and recycler, card and barcode reader, scanners, semiautomatic readers, printers, keyboards and pinpads
  • Monitors the TEF (electronic funds transfer) and check the connectivity status of the stores and agencies monitored with the contracted administrators
  • Sends alerts about any status change in the paying module, such as bank notes, cassette unavailability and cash level
  • Checks the status of the printer, with an indication of jam or end of paper and in the sensor modules (vibration, temperature and smoke sensor, upper or lower door opening)
  • Runs routines and processes at scheduled times, such as backups, file copying or even remote commands to restart applications or shut down a terminal, automating regular frequency procedures and actions
  • Present in retail, with more than 18,000 POSs monitored, in addition to servers, terminals for price inquiries and TEF infrastructure
  • Present in financial institutions, with more than 25,000 monitored points, including ATMs, tellers and servers.


Monitoring of assets and processes that support store and branch operations and reduce operation costs
Real-time information for all assets and processes in the store
Goes beyond the simple detection of failures, becoming a strategic tool to improve your operations

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