NCR has separated into two separate and distinct companies: NCR VOYIX and NCR Atleos.
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NCR VOYIX Merchandising

Data, pricing and inventory, made simple

Improve your store’s pricing, operations and inventory management

Unify and run your stores on the merchandising platform that can handle everything from pricing to operations to inventory and beyond


Centralized product information management and price execution system that improves pricing accuracy, data management efficiency, and store operations.

  • Master data management of item, price, cost and vendor
  • Decision support analytics assists assortment and pricing evaluations
  • Advanced pricing automates strategies, margin control and competitive responses
  • Supports simple and complex promotion management
  • Manages store operations (ordering, receiving, transfers price verifications, batch execution and more)
  • Integrates with NCR VOYIX’s Business Services Platform, Emerald, Loyalty and multivendor POS

NCR VOYIX Power Mobile Store

Naturally complements Power HQ by enabling your store associates to run the store effectively, armed with timely information delivered on modern devices.

  • Built for Android OS and certified with Zebra TC52
  • Store-level real-time processes enabled but controlled with user-level permissions
  • Price verification and updates
  • Request tags & signs
  • Receiving, returns and transfers
  • Inventory counts and adjustments
  • Purchase orders and store ordering

NCR VOYIX Power Dax/Inventory

Provides a powerful combination of advanced sales forecasting, the ability to deal with real-world constraints, and the inventory management disciplines to provide spot-on replenishment orders to keep your shelves stocked with what is needed

  • Reduce out-of-stocks through system-generated replenishment orders
  • Eliminate time spent on manual ordering processes
  • Prevent spoilage with automatic accounting for shelf life in perishables orders
  • Minimize unproductive capital tied up in excess inventory
  • Maintain real-time inventory visibility at store and enterprise levels
  • Increase productivity both in-aisle and back-room productivity with modern mobile tools
  • Rapidly adapt to changing conditions and shifts in shopper demand

NCR VOYIX Power Portal

A web portal that improves vendor collaboration and vendor funds collection, and reduces paperwork and data entry errors.

  • As a module of NCR VOYIX’s Power HQ, it delivers complete “vendor-to-shelf” process support
  • Enables vendors to easily connect and enter or upload item data and cost changes
  • Manage costs, authorizations and deals to quickly move products to the shelf
  • Negotiate agreements electronically with a documented history
  • Supports multiple cost zones to ensure the entire retail landscape is covered


  • Turn historical sales and other known factors into accurate forecasts
  • Automate replenishment order creation with approval workflows, incorporating supplier schedules and lead times
  • Optimize ordering and inventory levels (balance between in-stock performance and carrying costs)
  • Improve vendor management by managing costs, authorizations, and deals with complete “Vendor to Shelf” process support.
  • Advanced pricing and margin control
  • Decrease time to market and time to shelf for new and existing products


NCR VOYIX has over 135 years of experience in retail
Built-in industry best practices
Solutions built with input from industry leaders
Dedicated Merchandising expert team
Proven track record of supporting leaders around the globe

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