NCR Payment solutions are the backbone of any store’s IT infrastructure. NCR’s digital payment

solution comprises innovative offerings leveraging flexible architecture, as well as SaaS

(Software as a Service) based payment engines that seamlessly integrate with a large variety of

POS (Point-of-Sale) software systems, PIN pads and payment processors.


Our payment solutions empower retailers to rapidly adopt new payment types, such as mobile,

eWallet and contactless payments, and effectively address emerging payment trends and






  • POS and payment engines; transaction switching
  • P2P encryption and tokenization
  • BIN file distribution, central configuration support and PIN pad management
  • Payment system health monitoring and alerting
  • Enterprise reporting and PIN pad tracking and alerting
  • Web-based reporting tools for up-to-date information and data analysis
  • Compatibility with number of different point-of-sale applications and payment providers
  • Easily comply with PCI and other regulatory requirements via complete payment data security
  • Prepare your payment systems for EMV cards effortlessly, and reduce fraud-related liability
  • Embrace new payment types quickly and easily, and prepare for the future shopper
  • Enjoy uncompromising security with a cost-efficient delivery models

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