Mobile Shopping

Our Mobile Shopper application provides shoppers with compelling and truly engaging

shopping experience on the go, via a comprehensive set of smartphone-based functions and

services that apply to a broad range of retail touch points – both within and outside the store.


Utilizing a Shopper Gateway, Mobile Shopper draws business logic, data and actionable

shopper intelligence, securely placing retailers’ entire retail ecosystem at users’ full disposal

while on the go, via a range of popular mobile devices. The application covers all shopping

stages, from shopping list preparation, through store location, access to special offers and

promotions, price validation and mobile self-scanning, and all the way to fast check-out and

mobile payments.





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  • Smart, connected shopping lists
  • Store location
  • Dynamic, targeted promotions
  • Personalized shopper guidance
  • Multiple mobile payment options
  • Loyalty programs
  • Covers all shopping cycle stages—before, during and after the shopping experience
  • Unified shopper engagement across all touch points and retail channels
  • Blends the physical and virtual shopper journey
  • Rewards information shared by shoppers with coupons and promotions targeted to their individual needs