In-Store Picking

Retailers today are expanding their eCommerce offerings to provide consumers with more

shopping options, such as store pick-up. But, capturing the order is only the first step. Most

retailers still struggle with processing these orders. NCR’s store-based order fulfillment solution

optimizes the execution of online orders with accuracy and efficiency.


The solution operates via a mobile tablet and allows store associates to pick multiple customer

orders by walking the store aisles. The application directs the user to the exact location of each

item within the order, using wave technology to ensure the most efficient route possible. With

features such as customer-defined notes and parameters for acceptable substitutions and

brand preference, customers get exactly what they want with every order.






  • Directs associates to pick up to 8 orders at once
  • Allows users to create store maps to improve directed picking
  • Manager console allows for monitoring of order fulfillment status
  • Creates order labels for staging orders in multiple locations (dry, refrigerated, frozen) to support accuracy
  • Interfaces with NCR and other POS systems and loyalty programs to synchronize prices, loyalty points and discounts
  • Interfaces with NCR eComerce Click and Collect and other e-commerce solutions
  • Interfaces with NCR Power Inventory and other perpetual inventory systems to automatically alert users to out-of-stock or short-stock items
  • Runs via Windows 8.1 (or higher) mobile tablet, and works with a variety of mobile barcode scanners
  • Integrates with Honeywell Vocollect voice technologies for users who prefer voice-directed tasks
  • Reduces pick errors by more than 50%
  • Doubles pick rate from 100 to 200 items per hour
  • Simplifies resource planning for online orders
  • Improves customer service with custom preferences
  • Automated alerts and messages to associates to ensure highest quality of service
  • Makes order substitutions easy and fool-proof

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