Forecourt Management

NCR’s point-of-sale software applications integrate fuel station with supermarket and

convenience store operations. It enables easy customization, and accommodates multiple

payment methods—including prepaid, pay-in-store, pay-at-pump and payment by AVI

(Automated Vehicle Identification).


A touchscreen interface enables centralized in-store activity management, intuitive

merchandise and promotion maintenance, and easy access to forecourt operations. Fuel POS

also helps you achieve greater customer appeal, promote cross-sell opportunities, and reach

higher revenues and profitability margins.





  • An integral touch point of NCR Emerald, powered by the platform’s unified retail data and business logic
  • Full PCI standards compliance throughout all fuel pumps and customer touch points
  • Secure, Web server-based remote monitoring, management and maintenance
  • Integrated dry and wet product sales and stock management
  • PCI payment security standards compliant
  • High productivity via intuitive and customizable touchscreen UI
  • Accommodates both major oil brands and unbranded operators
  • Simplifies forecourt design, improves performance and optimizes fuel management across the entire retail organization
  • High operational and forecourt efficiency via integration with NCR Emerald store systems
  • Increased business performance through easy incorporation of fuel and food cross-promotion programs
  • Drives sales through promotions and loyalty programs
  • Lowers downtime with automatic switchover and remote diagnostics support
  • Enhanced visibility and control, and ongoing monitoring and operational alerts on a range of indicators, including device malfunctions and low wetstock levels

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