NCR StoreLine Retail POS

NCR StoreLine POS & Store Management is an open-yet-integrated point-of-sale and store management solution. It connects with all retail touch points and sales channels to offer rich functionality for fast moving consumer goods retailers, including real-time sales, business performance reporting and a powerful cash office module.


The solution employs industry standards and delivers the speed, accuracy and robustness you need to successfully support high volume, high complexity retail.


StoreLine POS & Store Management contributes to:


  • Reduced front-end operating costs
  • Improved cashier productivity
  • Integrated support for multiple formats. E.g. hypermarkets, supermarkets, fuel stations, self-scanning, bakeries
  • Localization support for multiple languages, currencies, taxation models and regional regulations
  • Increased customer spend, profitability and loyalty via NCR’s Retalix Loyalty and Promotion Engine (LPE)

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Product Summary





Never before has technology played such an important role in the shopping experience. Consumers now use cell phones, PCs, the Internet and other technology tools on a daily basis. The result? They expect to find advanced solutions in a store environment as well. They also expect to enjoy a seamless, pleasant and personalised shopping experience. And with NCR StoreLine, that’s just what they get.



Highly resilient, proven and flexible, NCR StoreLine is the one of the most function-rich grocery Point-of-Sale (POS) solution on the market today. Running in more than 25,000 stores worldwide, StoreLine allows grocery retailers to maximise the benefits of their POS solution while minimising their POS-related costs.



Open architecture. Open for business. 


An open-standards, fully integrated Point-of-Sale, NCR StoreLine is interfaced with a wide variety of applications from NCR such as Loyalty Pro and even 3rd party applications, it is designed to connect all facets of the store for an even faster ROI.


NCR StoreLine also offers an intuitive graphical cashier interface that you can easily tailor to your specific environments and workflow, dramatically reducing cashier training time. Plus, a graphical customer interface helps drive effortless interaction with shoppers.


As a mission-critical POS and store management application, NCR StoreLine provides today’s top-line retailers with an effective solution to reduce front-end operating expenses, increase cashier productivity levels, execute complex marketing programs and improve the shoppers’ checkout experience.


With a broad customer-base and years of enhancements, StoreLine provides a comprehensive POS solution that is constantly updated with new functionality to address today’s ever-changing regulatory requirements and technological opportunities. And when coupled with other NCR applications, StoreLine is the focal point that ties together loyalty and customer-management, extensive promotion offerings, and automated ordering. With NCR StoreLine, the power of choice is in the hands of the retailer.



Key Benefits 


  • Open architecture with industry-standard interfaces
  • Intuitive graphical cashier interface
  • Comprehensive cash office capabilities, electronic journal, and alert management
  • Mobile devices for line-busting and remote manager authorisation



“Delhaize America is very pleased with the capabilities of NCR StoreLine. The software is a great solution for grocer retailers because of its ease of use and scalability. Having a solid platform for our stores lets us focus our attention on forward-thinking business solutions.”

- Deanna Rush, Director of Customer Facing Applications, Delhaize America