NCR Retail Enterprise Solution R-PRO

The NCR Retail Enterprise Solution (RES) R-PRO enterprise server architecture eliminates the need for individual store server, saving costs, improving reliability and providing real-time information for more accurate and timely management decisions. Remote monitoring of devices across large store networks reduces response time to device issues to maximize availability. 


NCR RES FDMM Solution: 


  • Enterprise server supports real-time transaction processing without store server

              PA-DSS 2.0 compliant payment (3.0 coming soon)

              Support for NCR Twin-Checker POS checkout configuration

              Support for sophisticated Japanese promotional pricing schemes

  • Easy interface with in-store produce weighing systems
  • Supports 24/7 store operating environment
  • Store managers can view flash reports from any PC client
  • Real-time data for more agile decision-making
  • Remote monitoring of devices across the enterprise 







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