NCR Advanced Retail Solution

ADVANCED RETAIL SOLUTION (ARS) is a leading-edge point of sale software solution focused on the checkout marketplace – From large hypermarkets and supermarkets to small convenience stores, the primary focus of ARS is on the grocery, DIY and specialty sectors.


ARS is fully scalable, resilient, robust, hardware and operating system platform independent, matured and feature-rich solution, aimed at providing our clients not only the maximum in terms of flexibility and POS functionality, but equally important, future-proofed, investment protection. It is a multi-national cross border solution allowing for full offline trading and 24 hour trading options, as well as for remote maintenance and system management.


Being a direct descendent, a next-generation solution of the highly acclaimed MTX application, ARS is today a globally installed application. ARS combines the proven, successful business logic of its parent solutions with the leading-edge flexibility and architecture required by today’s market.





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Product Summary



Point-of-Sale Software 



NCR Advanced Retail Solution is the best point-of-sale solution for global, multi-format retailers


Based upon our knowledge and experience in cross-border store automation solutions, NCR Advanced Retail Solution is the best point-of-sale solution for global, multi-format retailers. Reduce your costs with flexible solutions that are easy to install, operate and support, resulting in lower total cost of ownership and improved customer service.



Deploy a single point-of-sale solution across borders and store formats


With NCR Advanced Retail Solution, you can lower maintenance and support costs by managing a single solution that uses the same application for different types of clients, all managed by the same server. NCR Advanced Retail Solution supports traditional POS in the standard checkout lane, self-checkout lanes and cafeteria corners/bar lanes. NCR Advanced Retail Solution also supports countryspecific requirements such as multi-language, multiple tender options (including Euro), fiscal, EFT interfaces and local peripherals.



Improve customer service without increasing operating costs


Increase speed and productivity and reduce training time and costs with the intuitive design of the NCR Advanced Retail Solution cashier user interface. Faster checkout results in increased sales volume, improved customer service and higher margins. The easy-to-use interface also reduces errors and help requests.



Grow market share from your most profitable customers


With NCR Advanced Retail Solution, you can increase profits by identifying the patterns of your most profitable customers. You can create a baseline for collecting customer and transaction data, and then offer customer-specific discount offers and loyalty rewards. These rewards change customer shopping behavior that results in more frequent store visits, higher sales volumes and higher profit margins.



Expand your e-commerce efforts by blending virtual and physical stores


The NCR Advanced Retail Solution “box-sale” feature captures customer orders generated from your web checkout system, and processes them for payment at the store-level POS terminal. The NCR Advanced Retail Solution POS management system, WebMaster, is accessed through a standard Internet browser, allowing authorized personnel to access store-level information from any location at any time, providing greater flexibility and quicker response.



Ensure system availability and data protection 


High checkout system availability reduces maintenance costs, prevents operations productivity losses, and ensures maximum customer satisfaction. Reduce potential downtime with multilevel redundancy for data capture and storage. Checkout is not affected by network or server failure, and recovery procedures are automatic and simple.



Optimize results and return on investment from your information assets


NCR offers a complete suite of business and solution consulting, solution design, customization and integration, and project management services to identify the best solution for your current environment, reduce the risk of implementation, ensure you achieve the maximum benefit from your new solution in the shortest amount of time, and minimize the impact of implementation on your daily operations



Key features 


  • Global solution
  • Flexible architecture design
  • Hardware and operating system independence
  • Full-featured POS application
  • Intuitive, human factors engineering-designed application interfaces
  • Robust pricing, promotion and loyalty application
  • Web-based POS management application 





Enhance experiences for today’s mobile-enabled shoppers 


NCR Advanced Retail Mobile Solution (ARS Mobile) allows you to offer easy mobile shopping tools through your shoppers’ own smartphones to easily serve today’s mobile-enabled, time-starved shoppers, increasing sales, prompting more repeat visits and building shopper loyalty!



Easy to use  


With NCR ARS Mobile, shoppers use your store’s branded app on their own smartphones to scan product bar codes while they are shopping. The app lists the shopper’s purchases and keeps a running total of how much the shopper has spent. Throughout the shopping process the app talks to the store server so all information is up to date. The app then interfaces with the POS at the front of the store to facilitate checkout and payment.



Improved customer service and loyalty 


Time is one of your shoppers’ most valuable assets. They are increasingly adopting and demanding technology and mobile shopping tools to make their everyday easier. 


And shopper loyalty increasingly hinges on providing a combination of favorable prices, customer service, technology solutions and offers that keep shoppers engaged and coming back. NCR ARS Mobile allows you to meet your shoppers’ omnicommerce needs, helping you to create more loyal customers.



No need to invest in mobile devices 


Because NCR ARS Mobile is an app installed on your shoppers’ smartphones, you can stay ahead of the omnicommerce integration game without investing in mobile scanning hardware. Your shoppers own the hardware – their smartphones – and NCR ARS mobile software is easily updateable with new functions and tools as shoppers’ demands and needs change.



Decreases the waiting time at the POS 


ARS Mobile allows shoppers to scan the barcodes of the products they’ll purchase, calculating in real time the total amount of the purchase. When the shopper gets to the checkout area, checkout and payment is easy



Key features 


  • Easy integration with the POS system installed in the store
  • Designed to support multiple smartphones connections simultaneously 
  • Easy deployment at lower cost
  • Easy integration with LP42DBT-POD4 sheath, which allows barcode scanning



Customer benefits  


  • Price verification capability
  • Rapid throughput at check out
  • Displaying promotions applied
  • Displaying the total amount • Less time in queue at the POS



Technical specifications  


  • Suitable for Apple iPod or Apple iPhone
  • Operating System: IOS6 





NCR Digital Promotion builds shopper loyalty, is easy to use 


NCR Digital Promotion allows you to easily create promotions that build shopper loyalty, increase sales and drive repeat visits. NCR Digital Promotion is affordable, is easy to install and maintain and enables you to respond quickly and without additional cost to the market and the competition with dynamic offers and promotions.



Install a single promotion management solution for your entire chain of stores 


With NCR Corporate Digital Promotion, you can centrally manage your entire chain’s promotions. Create promotions aimed at all your shoppers, at specific groups of shoppers and even target promotions to specific customers. Use a single central server with web access, manage user access information, compile promotions templates and monitor promotions deliveries to each point of sale all with one solution.



Improve promotions’ speed and effectiveness without increasing operating costs


Increase speed and productivity and reduce the time and costs of training with an architecture that allows you to easily make tailored promotions. Combining conditions, rewards and controls with connectors “AND” and “OR” you can make a variety of promotions without development or technical expertise.



Stand out from your competition with: 

  • Innovative promotions combining any kind of conditions and benefits
  • Promotions installed on the POS without software modifications
  • Excellent performance: launch multiple promotions without compromising system speed
  • React quickly to other retailer promotions and market changes



Key features 

  • Global solution
  • Flexible architecture and design 



Manage deals  

  • Extreme flexibility to create promotions
  • With or without customer card
  • Detailed executed promotions 



Loyalty marketing 

  • Supports customer differentiation
  • Supports loyalty and other shopper retention programs