NCR Advanced Retail Solution

ADVANCED RETAIL SOLUTION (ARS) is a leading-edge point of sale software solution focused on the checkout marketplace – From large hypermarkets and supermarkets to small convenience stores, the primary focus of ARS is on the grocery, DIY and specialty sectors.


ARS is fully scalable, resilient, robust, hardware and operating system platform independent, matured and feature-rich solution, aimed at providing our clients not only the maximum in terms of flexibility and POS functionality, but equally important, future-proofed, investment protection. It is a multi-national cross border solution allowing for full offline trading and 24 hour trading options, as well as for remote maintenance and system management.


Being a direct descendent, a next-generation solution of the highly acclaimed MTX application, ARS is today a globally installed application. ARS combines the proven, successful business logic of its parent solutions with the leading-edge flexibility and architecture required by today’s market.





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