NCR StorePro POS System

An open-yet-integrated POS and store management platform, NCR StorePro offers uniquely comprehensive retail functionality. It delivers the speed, accuracy and robustness required to fully support both changing grocery industry requirements, and the continuously evolving needs of grocery retailers of any size.

It offers a range of capabilities, including item recognition and text search, automated prompts and alerts, standalone operation support, 24-hour trading and automatic EOD (End-Of- Day), password-, key- and card-based access control, and coupon printing.

StorePro has also got your back office operations completely covered. Data upload and download electronic journals with real-time transaction processing, real-time POS management and monitoring, employee maintenance, individual item and product hierarchy setup, powerful Cash Office, EOD and automated processes, advanced promotion application, a versatile reporting module and Shelf Edge label maintenance.


  • Fully field proven – with 100,000 StorePro POS terminals installed at more than 25,000 sites around the world
  • Highly resilient – full lane independence for 100% uptime
  • Uniquely flexible - easily adapt to different setting
  • Super functional – leverages the latest, most innovative retail technologies




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Product Summary





A comprehensive open retail solution designed specifically for the independent grocer to transform both store operations and the customer experience.


NCR StorePro brings proven, flexible efficiencies to the independent grocery market through an open-yet-integrated architecture with a clear path to the NCR Retail ONE commerce hub, making commerce complete for the independent grocer—now and in the future. 



Robust, flexible solution with an open platform 


The NCR StorePro POS (point-of-sale) and store management solution delivers the speed, accuracy and robustness needed to fully support today’s changing grocery requirements. But while StorePro is robust enough to support grocers of all sizes and store counts, StorePro was designed to help independent grocers answer the ever increasing competitive demands of the fast moving consumer goods market.


StorePro’s open platform is built using industry standards making it is easier to manage. And, because implementation is driven more by configuration than rewriting code, overall costs are reduced. StorePro enhances the overall checkout experience while also improving store operations and delivers exceptional experiences for managers, associates and customers with features that include:


  • standalone operation support
  • 24-hour trading and automatic EOD (End-of- Day)
  • full customer display
  • item recognition and text search
  • automated prompts and alerts
  • password, biometrics- and card-based access control
  • coupon printing



Store Managers will love it too 


Along with delivering consistent availability and built-in resilience, StorePro has back office operations covered with a multitude of features including:  


  • data upload and download electronic journals with realtime transaction processing
  • real-time POS management and monitoring
  • employee maintenance
  • individual item and product hierarchy setup
  • powerful cash office
  • EOD and automated processes
  • advanced promotion application
  • a versatile reporting module
  • shelf-edge label maintenance


Functionality is easily expanded with integrations to Retail Manager, a retail back office solution that provides full inventory control – from item arrival to sale and from a single-store to a chain of stores. Designed by Trade Link Retail Systems with input from leading retailers, Retail Manager’s features work naturally with day-to-day store operations. 



Realize unified commerce through NCR Retail ONE 


StorePro’s path to the NCR Retail ONE Platform will allow for endless possibilities and expanded functionality with the ability to integrate multiple third-party applications and solutions. NCR Retail ONE is an open and innovative commerce hub built on an omnichannel platform that empowers retailers to maximize their business today while preparing for tomorrow. 



Proven global POS experience 


What’s more comforting than partnering with a solution provider that has more than 130 years of solid global retail experience? StorePro is open, flexible, efficient and most importantly proven. There are approximately 35.000 stores operating internationally with the StorePro “DNA” which means the same NCR proven POS code and configurations were used when designing StorePro.


We help you run your business better. We are NCR. We are Commerce Made Complete. 



Key Benefits and Features 


  • Unified commerce capabilities and access to retail systems, data and functions through an open yet highly integrated solution architecture along with planned connectivity to NCR Retail ONE
  • Less downtime and high productivity due to lane independence allowing the POS to operate even in the event of a server or network failure
  • Ability to resume operations quickly after the unexpected with daily full and interval backups, and automated data synchronization on renewed server connection
  • Complete freedom of choice with versatile single or multi-store configurations based on countless parameters, including functionality, store layout, individual lane design and future growth objectives
  • Enhanced brand differentiation with full customization support, from screen and report layouts, through feature integration tool design and all the way to POS transaction creation and modification flows