NCR StorePro POS System

An open-yet-integrated POS and store management platform, NCR StorePro offers uniquely comprehensive retail functionality. It delivers the speed, accuracy and robustness required to fully support both changing grocery industry requirements, and the continuously evolving needs of grocery retailers of any size.

It offers a range of capabilities, including item recognition and text search, automated prompts and alerts, standalone operation support, 24-hour trading and automatic EOD (End-Of- Day), password-, key- and card-based access control, and coupon printing.

StorePro has also got your back office operations completely covered. Data upload and download electronic journals with real-time transaction processing, real-time POS management and monitoring, employee maintenance, individual item and product hierarchy setup, powerful Cash Office, EOD and automated processes, advanced promotion application, a versatile reporting module and Shelf Edge label maintenance.


  • Fully field proven – with 100,000 StorePro POS terminals installed at more than 25,000 sites around the world
  • Highly resilient – full lane independence for 100% uptime
  • Uniquely flexible - easily adapt to different setting
  • Super functional – leverages the latest, most innovative retail technologies




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