NCR Emerald Self-Scanning

NCR Emerald Self-scanning is a friendly application that enables shoppers to scan in items, check prices, access promotions and review running totals on their own, to speed up checkout processes. Your customers can use either handheld scanners or their own mobile devices, with scanned information rapidly uploaded to the POS. The application keeps you continuously in the loop on shopper activity and cart content, allowing you to deliver precisely targeted marketing campaigns and promotions. NCR Emerald Self-scanning can be deployed via dedicated retail hardware or standard mobile platforms, such as iPhones and Windows Phone 7 devices.


Self-scanning delivers:


  • Increased customer satisfaction via shopper independence and accelerated checkout
  • Optimal shopper experience through easy access to product information, pricing and personalized promotions
  • High retailer efficiency and business performance with self-scan assisted queue-busting, and accelerated checkout and payment procedures




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NCR Retail eCommerce Enterprise Solution - Robust eCommerce capabilities.  Deliver the convenience shoppers crave.


NCR Retail eCommerce Enterprise has the flexibility and power to enable a next-level retail experience that seamlessly crosses channels.


Create interactive experiences for your customers - With a graphics-driven user interface customized to mirror the look and feel of your brand, your eCommerce site gives shoppers an engaging way to browse products, build shopping lists, and more. Advanced options for sorting, recommendations, and other useful functions provide shoppers a robust experience.



Give your customers the ability to see store availability by a single SKU - The NCR Retail eCommerce Enterprise Solution enables customers to see item availability and price by any location within your enterprise allowing them get the information they need when and where they want it. This enhanced feature gives customers more choices to where and how they shop.



Leverage flexible payment options and purchasing - With our eCommerce Enterprise solution, you can take advantage of payment flexibility, such as pre-authorizing payments online and processing them upon pickup, or modifying orders and payments at the store in case shoppers have overlooked items on their online order.



Utilize a robust promotion engine - By integrating with our loyalty and rewards products, Advanced Marketing Solution and LoyaltyPro, you can show shoppers their savings and promotional merchandise in their online shopping carts. Mirror offers in-store and online to engage your shoppers across channels with the offers and promotions relevant to their needs.



Stay PCI compliant - Protect your shoppers when they buy from your online enterprise and reduce your liability by staying ahead of regulatory precautions. Integration with our proven payments solutions means your customers’ sensitive card holder data is in an environment operated in accordance with PCI Data Security Standards and maintained to establish PCI-compliance.



Key features 


  • Rich visuals, including image zooms and color swatches
  • Customized branding to extend your in-store look
  • Pre-built integrations for plug-and-play functionality
  • Integration with promotion engines and loyalty programs
  • Wish lists and product comparisons
  • Search suggestions
  • Layered navigation
  • Product filtering
  • Category landing pages
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Email alerts and order status update emails