NCR Emerald Customer Scale

Offering your customers greater involvement and control of sales processes can help increase shopper satisfaction and improve your business performance. NCR’s Emerald Customer Scale, is a software application that lets shoppers weigh items on their own.


This user-friendly self-service application complements self-scanning and self-checkout to shorten both checkout and self-checkout queues. It provides advanced search and item recognition capabilities and can easily be configured, customized and personalized. Customers can select products from graphical selection groups or via “short code” entry, following which an appropriate barcode label with embedded code, weight and pricing information is printed for scanning at any checkout touch point.


Customer Scale delivers:


  • Increased customer satisfaction via accelerated shopping cycles
  • Optimal shopper experience through product information clarity
  • Improved retailer efficiency and business performance with customer scale assisted queue-busting, and accelerated checkout and payment procedures




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