NCR R10 Forecourt Management

NCR’s R10 RFS (Retalix Forecourt Server) is a comprehensive forecourt management solution. Providing a cost-effective alternative to expensive, industry standard forecourt management hardware devices, this flexible software application helps easily manage all forecourt devices, while also serving as a gateway to your retail store systems.


RFS integrates management and operation of all fuel-related infrastructure and devices—including tank gauges, pumps, payment terminals, price poles and car wash machines—and supports multiple operation modes and workflows. It assures close correlation between your wetstock inventory-related activities and POS systems, reduces forecourt hardware deployment and maintenance costs and complexity, and improves overall systems stability.


Retalix 10 Forecourt Management delivers:


  • High business agility via the ability to easily add or optimize fuel-related devices and functionality

  • Increased accuracy and real-time transaction management efficiency

  • Reduced TCO






  • An integral touch point of NCR R10, powered by the platform’s unified retail data and business logic
  • Wetstock Control calculates stock status and provides delivery and usage reports
  • Continuous remote monitoring via headquarter retail systems
  • Support for a broad range of forecourt devices and multiple payment methods
  • Built-in system resilience

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