NCR FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout Application


You know that your customers lead busy lives and have high expectations of your stores. They want shopping to be fast, easy, and convenient and like to be in control of their shopping experience. Self-checkout is an ideal solution for those customers who want to scan, bag, pay, and be on their way as quickly as possible. It can speed up the checkout process by making more checkouts available and shortening lines. Your store associates can be more available to assist customers in the aisle and restock inventory.


The SelfServ™ Checkout Application features:


  • Intuitive user interface designed by Human Factors Engineering experts
  • Comprehensive security weight database management
  • Exclusive “zero touch” transaction capability
  • Extensive attendant monitoring capability to handle up to 10 self-checkout lanes
  • Successful deployment with more than 170 different POS systems


In addition to our self-checkout application, we offer a broad portfolio of hardware to let you create a complete self-service solution.

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