NCR Freshop

Don't settle for a solution that isn't built for grocery and convenience

NCR Freshop is a resilient, industry-leading solution that’s ready to bridge your digital and in-store customer experiences.

A proven, highly scalableAPI-based cloud architecture built by a team with decades of retail experience. NCR Freshop is the most innovative Ecommerce platform built for retailers– it’s all about your customers, your brand, your site, your price, and your data. With over 3,000 stores on our platform, we offer an industry-leading solution which puts your company and customers first. Let us help take your online shopping experience to a new level.

Invest in an advanced, robust solution

With a global presence and decades of knowledge, our solution features everything you need to bridge the gap between your digital and in-store customer experiences. The sites we build are responsive to maximize the experience, no matter what device is used.

  • Global presence
  • Over 3,000 stores online
  • API-based cloud architecture

Take control of your brand

With NCR Freshop, we know how important it is to own your brand. With store-branded eCommerce, it’s all about your store, your prices, and most importantly, your customers. 

  • White-labeled website and mobile app
  • Own your customer relationship and experience
  • Price consistency - Prices can be the same in-store and online



Fast and frictionless checkout experience

“In just weeks, Northgate Market's online sales have steadily grown with well over 50% in repeat customers. And they have an order fill rate of over 90% with clear ordering activity visibility to make quick adjustments, which helps increase order accuracy.”

- Mike Hendry, EVP, Marketing & Merchandising, Northgate Gonzalez Market


Adapting quickly is essential to our business. NCR Freshop makes it possible.

"Allegiance consistently experienced double digit growth 5+ years running with the help of Freshop. And the co-op company grew more than 500 percent during the COVID surge, demonstrating what a powerful ROI investment they truly made."

- Donna Zambo,VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Allegiance


Built for grocery, convenience and specialty retail

With over 135 years in retail, NCR knows grocery and specialty retail. Through our modern platform, core grocery functions are built into our solutions to help you easily handle your day-to-day business.

  • List building / clickable recipes
  • Clickable circulars/ weekly ads
  • Random weight items, substitutions and route optimization
  • Powerful personal picking / fulfillment tool

Integrations that run your store

Integrations are at the core of NCR Freshop. We have retailers live today and our dynamic integrations are here to keep your business cutting edge in the future.

Already integrated with NCR Systems

NCR Freshop is integrated with NCR systems for an efficient set up in your store and a consistent experience across your in-store and online channels.

NCR Business Services Platform

NCR Emerald Point of Sale

NCR Loyalty and Promotions

NCR Merchandising Solutions

NCR Payment Gateways

Integrated with non-NCR Systems

We easily integrate with non-NCR systems to help run your store from end-to-end:

  • Point of sale
  • Loyalty & promotion
  • Merchandising 
  • Payment gateways 
  • And more

Own your customer experience

Cloud-based IT means you can effortlessly integrate online ordering with your POS giving you complete control over your brand and customer experience so you can have:
  • Personalized web & mobile ordering
  • Powerful fulfillment capabilities
  • Efficient pickup and delivery

Explore Freshop with one of our retail sales experts.

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