Store Management

A growing number of retailers assign great importance to helping store managers track and manage store operations from anywhere, with the majority of them regarding mobile technology as a powerful efficiency driver. NCR addresses both these trends, placing real-time actionable information on store activities at your fingertips, helping you operate efficiently and handle business risks no matter where you are, and ultimately optimize your enterprise.


Learn more about our store management solutions if you’re looking for:


  • Business growth and increased sales: Continuous visibility and control of sales performance, store operations, and even store associate productivity - it's almost like being anywhere and everywhere at once. 
  • Operational efficiency and time savings: No need to call store staff or review lengthy reports to figure out sales performance or keep POS personnel up to speed. Get all the information you need to handle any crisis at any store in real time, right on your smartphone.
  • Superior fraud detection and prevention: Minimize lost sales, avoid inventory shrinkage and stay ahead of potential business risks with rapid identification of potentially fraudulent voids, returns and unrecalled transactions.

Features & Benefits


  • Real-time dashboard with instant access to per-store sales performance data and fraud indicators
  • Notifications in real-time on any irregularity
  • Customizable thresholds for alerts and notifications
  • Item/promotion trends featuring per-item sales effectiveness statistics
  • Rapid identification of potentially fraudulent voids, returns and unrecalled transactions
  • Continuous visibility and control of all store operations
  • Flexibility for store management from anywhere via smartphone
  • Increased operational and resource efficiency
  • Risk mitigation through early alerts and notifications
  • Fraud detection and prevention