Pricing Strategy & Planning

NCR helps you take the grunt work out of executing pricing strategies and optimization. With so many items, prices, vendors and changes to manage, it’s hard to keep everything straight. We help simplify all of this with a single application that interfaces to your store systems, exchanges data with your vendors, and ensures accurate and consistent item data and pricing across all systems and store locations.


We offer rules-based pricing that allows headquarters staff to establish and manage rules that can automatically generate prices by chain, price zone or store. Margins increase, and overpricing becomes a thing of the past. The result is the right price at the right place at the right time—every time.


But that’s not all. Our solution supports entire item management process. Catalog and item information need only be entered once, saving substantial data entry time. Items can also be analyzed and ordered centrally, reducing inventory and simplifying vendor relationships. The system also accurately extracts data for each individual store, delivering proper POS, scale, sign and label information as needed.


Watch your efficiencies —and profits—increase automatically.

Features & Benefits


  • Vendor collaboration portal for exchanging items, prices, costs and deals
  • Pricing rules for managing margins for regular retails and promotions across all stores
  • Item record with support for retail attributes and POS flags
  • Category analysis, sales history and shrink reporting
  • Integration with store systems including R10, DDR, POS, loyalty and scale systems
  • Ensure your item details and pricing are accurate and consistent across all corporate and store systems
  • Reduce manual data entry (and risk of mistakes) by using rules-based automated pricing
  • Improve vendor relations with collaboration portal for exchanging data on item changes, costs and deals
  • Increase store sales with smarter item assortments and targeted pricing strategies
  • Collect all of the money you’re due from vendor promotions without ever missing a penny