Inventory Management

Today’s shoppers demand instant gratification. No matter if they are shopping online or in the store, customers demand quality items, in-stock and at the advertised price —with no delays, discrepancies or hassles. This reality puts retailers under increasing pressure to find an inventory management solution that gives them the information to quickly respond to changing customer interests and sales trends, while reducing costs and optimizing inventory levels.


NCR answers this challenge with inventory management solutions that centrally link demand analytics, sales data, replenishment and order planning into a single system. This gives retailers continuous, real-time visibility of both physical inventory levels and inventory valuation across all stores and across the enterprise, with a reduced total cost of ownership.

Features & Benefits


  • Provides real-time insight into inventory valuation at each store (and across the enterprise)
  • Automates inventory management and replenishment workflows
  • Tracks all inventory transactions in real time, including: sales, in-store transfers, store-to-store transfers, returns-to-vendor, inventory adjustments
  • Supports and consolidates parallel inventory counts and financial valuation processes
  • Streamlines receiving with the efficient processing of direct store delivery (DSD) and warehouse deliveries
  • Interfaces with NCR Power DAX and other replenishment systems
  • Executes inventory management with customized workflows and intuitive user interfaces for improved efficiency, productivity and accuracy
  • Centralized deployment that offers store-specific views
  • Improves decision-making and increases profitability
  • Eliminates costly whole-store inventory counts and help ensure the right product is always available to meet demand
  • Supports highest possible inventory accuracy
  • Enables vendor reconciliation of inventory details
  • Provides analytics-based replenishment orders
  • Reduces total cost of ownership of store inventory management