Merchandising and Inventory

The NCR merchandising solution portfolio provides fast-moving consumer goods retailers with a competitive edge. Starting with item and price management, our solutions give you the tools to simplify pricing strategy and vendor data exchange, and to ensure you have the right products at your stores to meet customer demand and increase sales. Our store replenishment software measures consumer demand signals and other key variables to forecast future demand and place the perfect order. The result? Your business will experience a sales lift, higher margins and lower overhead.


Our solutions enable centralized management of all data required to operate stores, and touch points, both physical and digital. We offer solutions that help you run any size chain of stores and optimize flow of inventory, data and payments between all trading partners and onto the consumer, with a special focus on excellence in perishable inventory management.



Streamlined Processes

Demand Forecasting

Centralized Management

Products and Services

Store Management


NCR’s store management solutions put real-time actionable information on store activities at your fingertips, helping you operate efficiently and handle business risks no matter where you are, and ultimately optimize

Merchandise Management


NCR’s merchandise management solutions help you simplify the often complex retail cycles of purchasing, distribution, sales, inventory and vendor management.

Inventory Management


NCR Inventory Management solutions provide retailers continuous, real-time visibility of both physical inventory levels and inventory valuation across all stores and across the enterprise, with a reduced total cost of

Demand Forecasting


NCR’s demand forecasting solution is a robust warehouse replenishment tool specifically designed to meet the challenges of the food industry. With NCR, buyers can reduce on-hand inventory, increase order fulfillment

Pricing Strategy & Planning


NCR’s pricing strategy solution provides advanced rules-based pricing, allowing your headquarters staff to establish and manage rules that can automatically generate prices by chain, price zone or store. Margins increase,

Master Data Management


NCR’s Master Data Management (MDM) solution provides a centralized repository for storing and maintaining all data impacting your enterprise, efficiently providing accuracy and accessibility to both internal systems and trading

Take control of your inventory from supplier to shopper and everywhere in-between