Flexible & Assisted Checkout

Seamlessly blend your digital and physical shopper journeys with our next-generation retail architecture.

Your point of sale has to do way more than just ring up a purchase.

It has to be your eyes and ears into making sure your shoppers’ last impression was a great impression. So whether it’s an assisted POS that empowers your associates to deliver better service on the spot or self-checkout and mobile options that give your customers flexibility in their busy day, we’ve got you covered.


  • Get innovations to market fast - Get business-driving innovations to market faster and pave the way for creating your store of the future
  • Empower customer convenience - Make it easy for your shoppers to buy for any reason and occasion by giving them choice and convenience no matter when, where or how they shop
  • Build a great brand everywhere - Be the same great brand everywhere by delivering a consistent experience across channels and touchpoints

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Flexible & Assisted checkout solutions:


Whether you need to run one store or thousands, we can help with

  • Customizable systems for streamlined updates and new feature introduction
  • Shortened time-to-market for new capabilities through central configuration
  • Comprehensive and secure payments capabilities
  • Extensive promotion capabilities
  • Industry standard open APIs, for faster integration with 3rd parties and flexible integration

Self-Checkout with Computer Vision Adjacencies

Increase throughput at the front end and reallocate your associates to higher-impact customer service tasks

  • Broadest range of supported POS systems worldwide (more than 170 types)
  • Wide array of customized configuration options
  • Innovative security capabilities using computer vision and artificial intelligence
  • Full range of services including 24x7x365 support, Project Management, Deployment, Business Consulting, and Installation
  • Speed and convenience for shoppers while simultaneously reducing cash in units that the store must manage
  • Remote attendant station with traditional register capabilities

Mobile Shopping

Engage customers on an ongoing basis, both inside and outside the store

  • Smart, connected shopping lists
  • Store location and guided shopping maps
  • Dynamic, targeted promotions
  • Personalized shopper guidance
  • Multiple mobile payment options
  • Integration with loyalty programs

Northgate González Markets, a family-owned chain of supermarkets in Southern California, chose NCR to drive its digital transformation and fundamentally transform and innovate the consumer experience.

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