Replenishment Optimization

NCR helps you boost operational efficiency and profits by optimizing inventory ordering and stock replenishment with our browser-based solution designed specifically for fast-moving retailers. Using this powerful tool, you can prevent getting stuck with too much inventory or caught unprepared with too little.

Forecasting algorithms use customer demand signals, upcoming promotions, historical demand patterns and calendar events to forecast the demand for every item in your store. The system uses these forecasts along with delivery cycles and other key variables to create orders that will exactly meet demand requirements without having too much inventory on the shelves.


Highlights of this powerful solution include:


  • Automated forecasting and replenishment processes that help address every possible inventory scenario across the entire retail chain
  • Centralized inventory management that keeps stores, warehouses and distribution centers in full sync
  • Innovative and user-friendly functionality delivered via web-based graphical user interfaces, with clear and
  • Coherent workflows that assure high efficiency and accuracy
  • Seamless integration with NCR Inventory Manager, a centrally-managed solution enabling high business agility through increased IT visibility, supporting parallel inventory counts and financial valuation processes

Features & Benefits


  • Supports details of supermarket and convenience inventory replenishment
  • Integrated inventory monitoring with auto-alerts for discrepancies
  • Inventory balance can be viewed in real time
  • Advanced business intelligence reporting and analytics
  • Algorithms support both high-turn and slow-mover items
  • Reduce inventory levels while also reducing out-of-stocks and over-stocks
  • Improve ordering efficiency by eliminating manual ordering procedures
  • Eliminate throwaways and perishable loss by reducing over-ordering
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by having inventory they want to buy
  • Manage inventory exceptions with automated alerts to reduce shrink