Receipt Management

As consumer preferences for new technology and mobile payments continue to grow, NCR combines years of experience in the consumables business with our software solutions keeping one thing in mind: making the consumer’s everyday transactions easier. This means offering you a choice between a paper receipt and a digital receipt.


So why should you deploy the NCR Digital Receipts solution in your store? Quite simply because your customers are asking for them. Perhaps because you want to explore new marketing channels with a higher return on investment. Or you want to pursue your environmental initiatives with a paperless solution. And you would like to offer dynamic advertisements or offer advertising space to partners and vendors. Whatever your reason, the NCR Digital Receipts solution will work for you.






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  • Instantly connect retailers & brands to consumers
  • Standard email and SMS receipt templates:
  • Easy to use and send
  • Customizable advertising space
  • Easy to use customer interface to add new consumer and edit preference information
  • Requires no specific hardware or loyalty program investment
  • Simple to deploy due to easy “fee per transaction” concept
  • Includes key management tools such as real-time consumer reporting and easy-to-find recall and warranty information
  • Increased sales with digital coupons, advertisements
  • Increased consumer loyalty
  • Incremental revenue and margin
  • Environmental friendly solution
  • Enhanced consumer experience with receipt choice
  • Receipts easy to organize
  • Dynamic offers and rewards
  • Privacy control