Monitoring & Diagnostics

Take command and gain unprecedented control over your enterprise-wide IT operations with NCR Command Center. Leverage real-time, site-level insight into the status of your hardware and software from a single screen, enabling you to act quickly when needs arise. This powerful and secure hosted application enables you to troubleshoot and solve issues before negatively impacting your site operations and the customer experience.

Features & Benefits


  • Hosted application with real-time monitoring, multi-site server and terminal operations.
  • Automated file system access and file transfer capability
  • Simple one-button access to key support actions: - Perform queries - Manage processes - Transfer files - Receive alerts - Obtain screen shots - Perform remote commands
  • VNC® remote control access
  • Instantly obtain site screen shots
  • Remote reboot
  • Extensive security protocols, audit reports, password management, and more
  • Instant visibility into system performance enterprise-wide (POS, kiosk, self-checkout and back-office machines)
  • System design that strengthens security
  • Proactive, quick, remote issue resolution
  • Ongoing updates that improve functionality
  • Enhanced user accountability
  • Easy and secure one-click access to site systems, configurations, and status of resources
  • Rapid ROI from hosted support