Mobile Payment

NCR offers a secure eWallet solution that complements our Mobile Shopper offering by allowing shoppers to complete payment transactions from their own mobile devices. It enables storage and secured access to multiple credit card details across different payment scenarios.


Mobile Payment can be used as either:


  • Mobile shopping and payment (full cycle): The shopper’s entire shopping trip is managed using the mobile phone, and the stored credit card is charged.
  • Mobile payment in-store: At an in-store shopping trip, the shopper requests to pay using mobile phone rather than completing the transaction via the POS. The basket is processed at POS and payment is executed using phone, at which time the stored credit card is charged.









  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Secured for consumers’ protection
  • Integration with NCR’s innovative Mobile Shopper solution
  • Offers enhanced flexibility and choice to consumers
  • Increases opportunities for participation in loyalty and reward programs
  • Improves checkout speeds during peak hours
  • Provides more insights into shopper behaviors and preferences

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