Loyalty Analytics

NCR partners with leading customer analytics company Manthan to leverage use advanced analytics solutions complementing our loyalty management and point-of-sale systems. By integrating to a variety of these solutions (such as Advanced Marketing Solutions, Advanced Checkout Solutions, Storeline PoS, Loyalty Pro and R10 Plus), to enhance and personalize the customer experience based on extensive data.

Equipped with deep insights that help informed decisions spanning products, pricing, promotion, placement and in-store merchandising, you can attract and retain loyal shoppers by engaging them in relevant ways.


Features & Benefits


  • Real-time data
  • Easy to use “plug and play” solutions
  • Integration with a variety of NCR loyalty and POS systems
  • Highly responsive and nimble
  • Reveals cross-channel engagement opportunities
  • Analyze shopper spend and trends by groups, tiers and/or deciles
  • Perform basket analysis on an individual transaction basis
  • Identify your most profitable customers based on shopping history, frequency and monetary value
  • Detect “at-risk” or declining customers
  • Review retention, acquisition and basket size KPIs and customer dashboard indicators