Enterprise Analytics

Financial results should never be a surprise – yet too often, management teams don’t get bottom-line numbers until the end of the month, the quarter, or even the year. That’s too late to make strategic changes that can positively impact a company’s success. But what if you had continual insight into specific KPIs, as well as the detailed data behind these indicators that are so critical achieving your goals?


With NCR Enterprise Analytics, you get those insights at your fingertips and at a single glance. One look reveals a wealth of information about daily operational, sales, procurement and financial activity:


  • Provides corporate insight into operational and financial information   
  • Reveals whether the business is on track—right now
  • Measures progress of KPIs over time
  • Offers timely, accurate data for strategic and operational decision-making
  • Highlights exception reporting and enhances inter-departmental communication

Features & Benefits



  • Predefined KPIs that can be measured over time
  • In-memory technology for faster processing time
  • Customizable dashboards by user role
  • Drill-down capabilities on reports
  • Prebuilt tabs to expedite analysis across Sales, Purchasing and Finance
  • Fully integrated with NCR’s Power Enterprise suite of applications
  • Provides managers with actionable business data
  • Includes interfaces to Power Enterprise for immediate usage
  • Intuitive graphical interface requires minimal user raining
  • Granular drill-down to get to the reasons behind the results
  • Summarizes data by company, division, location, warehouse and item
  • Analyzes of vendor performance by purchase orders, fill rates, variances and more