Digital Offers

Developed with our partners at Inmar, NCR’s integrated solution provides end-to-end digital coupon functionality, including offer distribution, acquisition, redemption and settlement – from manufacturer to retail point-of-sale. The combined offering minimizes implementation efforts and helps you rapidly execute digital coupon strategies.


Digital promotion is a powerful shopper engagement channel for retailers in any segment. We enable you to gain increased strategic control over promotion programs. We can help you benefit from the consumer-driven “paper-to-digital coupon” shift, and profit from the higher coupon redemption rate it can deliver.


Our integrated solution ultimately enables you to easily introduce digital coupons and promotions to your customers, and increase shopper spend and loyalty by making them accessible via any sales channel.

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  • Instantly connect retailers & brands to consumers
  • End-to-end redemption & relationship management
  • Distribute coupons via multiple digital channels
  • Actionable insight with real-time shopper analytics
  • Increased promotion security with paperless coupons
  • Cloud-based, real-time commerce
  • Execute targeted and relevant campaigns
  • Comprehensive analytics & reporting
  • Consumer-friendly coupon access options such as load-to-card, clip onto mobile and social media
  • Leverage industry-leading solutions for easy implementation of revenue generating promotions with digital coupons
  • Increase customer loyalty and shopper spend by enabling seamless in-store redemption of digital coupons
  • Enjoy rich, end-to-end functionality for your digital coupons – offer distribution, acquisition, redemption, settlement and more

Product Summary


NCR AND INMAR - Joint Digital Coupon Solution



Industry-leading digital coupon solution


Digital coupons are increasingly becoming a powerful tool for shopper engagement for retailers. Imagine a world where you understand the needs of your customers and as a result offer the most relevant coupon promotions at the most opportune moments. Imagine having comprehensive analytics available to help drive in-store traffic, grow share and increase customer loyalty.


Imagine no more. NCR and Inmar have joined together to provide an unprecedented digital coupon solution that provides retailers a best-in-class platform which seamlessly integrates with your existing loyalty ecosystem. Keep pace with the new digital economy by providing your retail customers the coupons they desire while keeping your finger on the pulse of customer loyalty.


The stakes are too high to continue operating disparate solutions; it’s time that you had an industry changing digital coupon solution that provides an integrated view of your loyalty programs.



End-to-end digital coupon solution


NCR and Inmar have designed an optimal joint solution, which is highly consolidated and uniquely versatile. This solution accommodates the needs of the entire digital coupon value chain, seamlessly integrating digital coupons into your retail business and leveraging your existing loyalty system.



Greater engagement with consumers


A proven consumer engagement tool that provides the convenience that consumer’s expect; reliably, securely, and affordably. This platform empowers retailers to execute timely and targeted promotional campaigns and works to effectively match relevant offers with shopper data, and deliver these offers through preferred digital touch points.



One view of shopper loyalty and promotions


This solution provides comprehensive redemption and relationship management with detailed promotion analytics along with settlement and clearing processes. Users can leverage sophisticated real-time shopper analytics, providing actionable insights into consumer behavior patterns which are invaluable for developing real-time shopper conversion strategies.



Integrate into your business easily


This cloud-based real-time solution seamlessly executes from offer distribution, acquisition, redemption and settlement. Implementation is easy as this solution requires no special development investment, and provides the flexibility to “test” digital promotions.


Product Summary





NCR Loyalty Pro: fulfilling any marketing whim and want


The food, drug, and mass merchandise segment is characterized by fierce competition, with customers constantly seeking the best deal. Retailers in this segment have so far typically responded by rolling out highly sophisticated loyalty programs, and complex promotions and campaigns, resulting in retail marketers becoming increasingly dependent on IT systems.


To effectively execute their marketing plans, marketers require an enabling software solution—one capable of answering their every whim and accommodating any innovative idea they come up with for the next marketing campaign or promotional program. NCR Loyalty Pro is that solution.


A sophisticated and flexible customer management and marketing solution, NCR Retail’s Loyalty Pro enables you to successfully achieve your customer engagement and retention goals by managing a broad range of marketing initiatives across numerous channels and touch points.


The solution helps you put together complex promotions and deliver diverse campaigns across different store formats, so as to ultimately encourage shopper spend, while rewarding customers and keeping them satisfied and loyal.



Unparalleled loyalty management and execution capabilities


Loyalty Pro offers rich support for loyalty management and rewarding, enabling you to easily design, target, execute and track the effectiveness of highly scalable marketing and promotion campaigns. With the LPE (Loyalty and Promotion Engine) at its core, the solution is capable of simultaneously drawing information from multiple sources, allowing you to manage campaigns end-to-end – regardless of scale, complexity and sales channel.


The unique ability to execute campaigns in real time over multiple sales channels is a key Loyalty Pro differentiator. It allows you to effortlessly implement highly segmented promotions that can help you accurately target customers with just the right offers. You may even encourage cross-sales by, for example, rewarding customers with fuel points for grocery purchases, and drive sales by issuingpromotions and coupons over a range of channels, including POS receipts, online Web stores, direct mail, e-mail, and social network posts and tweets. Loyalty Pro additionally helps increase security by automatically blocking and alerting cashiers of coupon fraud attempts.



Key benefits


From operational marketing efficiency to increased profitability, NCR Loyalty Pro can provide you with significant gains, including:

  • Enhanced marketing effectiveness through the ability to deliver a rich array of complex, sophisticated and precisely segmented promotions.
  • Business agility via promotional offers that can easily and quickly be launched as per changing competitive market circumstances.
  • Effortless integrationwith NCR Loyalty Pro seamlessly connecting with existing POS, store and headquarter systems to support efficient retail operations and enable you to engage shoppers with high consistency across all touch points.



Powerful loyalty and promotion management modules


NCR Loyalty Pro features a broad selection of software modules designed to cover any loyalty and marketing campaign management needs. These include:


Loyalty Manager – enables management of shopper loyalty status and rewards, allowing your marketing staff to create custom reward programs. You may also use Loyalty Manager to manage shopper account membership, and leverage its Segmentation Builder to create, manage and target specific market segments.


Loyalty Analytics – a sophisticated tool that provides in-depth insight, customer behavior modeling and past campaign success measurement, and can be used to:

  • Analyze shopper spend and trends by groups, tiers and/or deciles, and perform basket analysis on an individual transaction basis.
  • Examine customer shopping history, frequency and monetary value, as a means of identifying the most profitable customers.
  • Detect “at-risk” or declining customers.
  • Review retention, acquisition and basket size KPIs and customer dashboard indicators.


Promotion Builder – connects with any existing loyalty, catalog and store system, seamlessly integrating with promotion and coupon functionality, and combining all relevant customer attributes to enable you to define the most flexible and effective promotion rewards and conditions.


Loyalty Member Service – draws customer and transaction information from a range of sources to provide you with a 360-degree view of the customer. Customer information can be reviewed and utilized for segmentation, offer personalization and more. It may also be offered to shoppers, so as to enable them to register for relevant promotions, and view or update personal details.


Price Compare – allows retailers to draw real-time information on competitors’ pricing, and roll out marketing programs dependent on information, such as price matching.


Digital Coupons – enables seamless in-store redemption of digital coupons at checkout, in addition to end-to-end partnership-based digital coupon implementation.



NCR Loyalty Pro highlights


Proven – a feature-rich and reliable loyalty and rewards management system implemented successfully in live retailer systems worldwide.


Flexible – easily define and deliver a broad range of complex, previously difficult—or impossible to implement promotions, including POS coupon and reward point issuing and redemption.


Agile – quickly adapt to evolving market conditions by initiating and modifying promotional offers on short notice, with unprecedented ease and without previously required prolonged lead times.


Integrated – seamlessly connects with existing store, POS and headquarter systems for highly optimized retailer operations.