Customer Engagement Solutions


Omni-channel consumerism is at the core of the ever-evolving new reality of retail – NCR’s customer engagement solutions give you the ability to seamlessly connect with customers and help you build customer loyalty.  


NCR’s customer engagement solutions let you create complex real-time promotions that can be executed via your customers’ preferred channels. You can target and personalize offers to encourage customer spend and reward customers to build loyalty. Our solutions can help you optimize your promotional effectiveness and achieve your customer retention goals by managing a broad range of marketing initiatives across numerous channels and touch points. They can integrate with your existing POS and eCommerce to maximize your investment. Our Professional Services Loyalty Consulting team is here to help you every step of the way.




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  • Provides a powerful, scalable solution to help build loyal customers and brand advocates
  • Offers a single enterprise offer management system for all marketing initiatives
  • Delivers consistent real-time marketing messages across all channels
  • Manages point and continuity programs
  • Delivers relevant targeted offers based on customer-defined preferences
  • Integrates with loyalty analytics, digital coupons, and digital receipts to provide actionable insights and improve campaign effectiveness