Digital Engagement


NCR digital engagement solutions enable retailers to intelligently manage an ever-increasing number of marketing initiatives across multiple channels and touch points, helping retailers implement highly segmented offers. Our marketing solutions easily integrate with in-store applications to generate detailed insight of shopper and item data, and leverages this valuable information to effectively target relevant customers, all while providing rich support for shopper loyalty management.

Enhanced Reach


Use technology to engage shoppers beyond the walls of your store

Brand Loyalty


Build stronger relationships by making your shoppers’ lives easier


Improved Relevance


Learn about your shoppers’ preference and habits to offer them the products and services they want most


Consumer Engagement


NCR’s Customer Engagement solution gives retailers this ability, seamlessly connecting with consumers across all touchpoints. You can create, deploy and manage impactful promotions that can be executed across your customers’ preferred channels.

Digital Offers


NCR’s Digital Offer solution provides end-to-end digital coupon functionality, including offer distribution, acquisition, redemption and settlement – from manufacturer to retail point-of-sale

Mobile Payment


Through NCR’s secure, easy-to-use Mobile Payments solution, you can enable storage and secured access to multiple credit card details across different payment scenarios

Receipt Management


As consumer preferences for new technology and mobile payments continue to grow, NCR combines years of experience in the consumables business with our software solutions keeping one thing in mind: making the consumer’s everyday transactions easier. This means offering you a choice between a paper receipt and a digital receipt – the NCR Digital Receipt.

Customer Engagement Solutions


Omni-channel consumerism is at the core of the ever-evolving new reality of retail – NCR’s customer engagement solutions give you the ability to seamlessly connect with customers and help you



Our loyalty and marketing solutions enable you to successfully achieve your customer engagement and retention goals by managing a broad range of marketing initiatives across numerous channels and touch points.

NCR eCommerce


eCommerse technology that seamlessly integrates online and in-store retail

Interact with your shoppers at home and on the go – enabling anytime, anywhere engagement with your brand