Customer Relations

NCR’s Customer Relations solution portfolio for wholesale distribution improves customer satisfaction by transforming your sales representatives into trusted advisors.


With any of these solutions, users have pertinent product, inventory and pricing data at their fingertips, along with simple ordering tools and order tracking. 


This portfolio also includes a menu planning solution for foodservice operators, an inventory solution for managing vending machine sales and commissions, and a mobile sales force automation tool.

  • Scheduling and appointment management tools
  • Time-saving tools for creating new orders form history
  • Extensive product details, including nutritional data
  • Service reps can adjust product pricing to meet margin targets
  • Automated alerts for missing critical items
  • Reporting for sales performance, order accuracy and profit analysis
  • Item pick-up and credit request processing
  • Integration with enterprise systems such as Power Enterprise and others
  • Empower sales associates to be consultants
  • Increase average order size
  • Promote new items to grow sales
  • Eliminate margin erosion with sales profitability analysis
  • Manage sales personnel through performance reporting






Product Summary

  • Power Menu
  • Power Mobile
  • Power Net
  • Power Sell
  • Power Menu

    When you’re selling prepared foods, every detail is important. If preparing the food wasn’t complex enough, you’re faced with labeling regulations, consumer demand for nutritional data, all while trying to control costs and grow sales. And, if you’re in healthcare, your recipes must comply with standardized diets and textures. With NCR’s Power Menu, you are able to do all this and more – control menu costs, track nutritional data, and manage inventory – with more control than ever before.

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  • Power Mobile

    Consumers today expect anytime, anywhere access to product details and the ability to purchase from their mobile devices. These same expectations are moving into the business-to-business (B2B) space. Are you ready? NCR’s Power Mobile can help you not only meet this expectation, but also be a market leader. Our solution can be used by both sales representatives and customers to research products, place orders and check order status via any smartphone or tablet.

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  • Power Net

    Gone are the days of companies printing order guides and expecting customers to place their orders manually. Even in the B2B world, customers are demanding self-service options to research items and place orders online. NCR’s Power Net offers businesses an e-commerce solution to engage with customers and increase sales. Especially designed for food-focused distributors and wholesalers, it simplifies the ordering of food items for the user while maintaining all of the product details you would expect.

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  • Power Sell

    As a distributor, your sales force is responsible for driving sales and building customer rapport. But, are they fully equipped to do so? With a varied product assortment and multiple customers to visit, they often become order takers instead of trusted advisors. NCR’s Power Sell can help. Sales reps can now analyze purchases, suggest new items, and increase profitability for each order – which ultimately grows both your customers’ business and your own.

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