NCR Loyalty Pro

Leveraging loyalty data to build flexible, conditional promotions and rewards programs

Loyalty Pro offers rich support for loyalty management and rewarding, enabling you to easily design, target, execute and track the effectiveness of highly scalable marketing and promotion campaigns. With the LPE (Loyalty and Promotion Engine) at its core, the solution is capable of simultaneously drawing information from multiple sources, allowing you to manage campaigns end-to-end – regardless of scale, complexity and sales channel.


The unique ability to execute campaigns in real time over multiple sales channels is a key Loyalty Pro differentiator. It allows you to effortlessly implement highly segmented promotions that can help you accurately target customers with just the right offers. You may even encourage cross-sales by, for example, rewarding customers with fuel points for grocery purchases, and drive sales by issuingpromotions and coupons over a range of channels, including POS receipts, online Web stores, direct mail, e-mail, and social network posts and tweets. Loyalty Pro additionally helps increase security by automatically blocking and alerting cashiers of coupon fraud attempts.

NCR Loyalty Pro enables retailers to achieve:


  • Enhanced marketing effectiveness through the ability to deliver a rich array of complex, sophisticated and precisely segmented promotions.

  • Business agility via promotional offers that can easily and quickly be launched as per changing competitive market circumstances.

  • Effortless integration, with NCR Loyalty Pro seamlessly connecting with existing POS, store and headquarter systems to to help you engage shoppers with high consistency across all touch points.

NCR Loyalty Pro Highlights:


Proven – a feature-rich and reliable loyalty and rewards management system implemented successfully in live retailer systems worldwide.


Flexible – easily define and deliver a broad range of complex, previously difficult—or impossible to implement promotions, including POS coupon and reward point issuing and redemption.


Agile – quickly adapt to evolving market conditions by initiating and modifying promotional offers on short notice, with unprecedented ease and without previously required prolonged lead times.


Integrated – seamlessly connects with existing store, POS and headquarter systems for highly optimized retailer operations.