NCR Loyalty Pro as a Service



As retail becomes increasingly competitive, retailers are under growing pressure to retain and reward customers for their loyalty. Sometimes, they need more than just a versatile loyalty solution. They need a solution that’s also quick and cost effective to implement.


NCR Loyalty Pro as a Service offers retail marketers just that. Easy to set up and requiring practically zero upfront investment, this cloud architecture-based solution empowers you to design and execute robust marketing campaigns of any complexity – across different sales channels, over different store formats and in real time. Traditional and digital coupons; sales over time rewarding; price matching programs; conversion of points to cash or any other reward; dynamic, segmented promotions over mobile or online – anything is possible.


NCR Loyalty Pro as a Service enables you to get up and running with negligible capital expenses, grow as you go with high scalability, and carry out practically any desired loyalty scheme and marketing campaign.








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