NCR-Inmar Digital Coupon Management

Leverage industry-leading Inmar solutions for easy implementation of revenue generating promotions with digital coupons


NCR and Inmar’s integrated solution provides end-to-end digital coupon functionality, including offer distribution, acquisition, redemption and settlement – from manufacturer to retail point-of-sale. The combined offering minimizes implementation efforts and helps you rapidly execute digital coupon strategies.


Digital promotion is a powerful shopper engagement channel for retailers in any segment. Having integrated Inmar’s leading cloud-based digital promotion solution with our Customer Engagement and Point-of-Sale offerings, we now provide you with the ability to gain increased strategic control over promotion programs. We can help you benefit from the consumer-driven “paper-to-digital coupon” shift, and profit from the higher coupon redemption rate it can deliver.


Our integrated, Inmar-based solution ultimately enables you to easily introduce digital coupons and promotions to your customers, and increase shopper spend and loyalty by making them accessible via any sales channel.

End-to-end digital coupon solution

NCR and Inmar have designed an optimal joint solution, which is highly consolidated and uniquely versatile. This solution accommodates the needs of the entire digital coupon value chain, seamlessly integrating digital coupons into your retail business and leveraging your existing loyalty system.



Greater engagement with consumers

A proven consumer engagement tool that provides the convenience that consumer’s expect; reliably, securely, and affordably. This platform empowers retailers to execute timely and targeted promotional campaigns and works to effectively match relevant offers with shopper data, and deliver these offers through preferred digital touch points.



One view of shopper loyalty and promotions

This solution provides comprehensive redemption and relationship management with detailed promotion analytics along with settlement and clearing processes. Users can leverage sophisticated real-time shopper analytics, providing actionable insights into consumer behavior patterns which are invaluable for developing real-time shopper conversion strategies.



Integrate into your business easily

This cloud-based real-time solution seamlessly executes from offer distribution, acquisition, redemption and settlement. Implementation is easy as this solution requires no special development investment, and provides the flexibility to “test” digital promotions.