Better engage your customers to build relationships that last

Create interactions that bring shoppers back again and again with timely, highly personalized offers, relevant rewards and other loyalty-boosting strategies.

Building fans of your brand isn’t just about discounts—it's about interacting with shoppers in ways that mean something to them and make their day easier.

With NCR VOYIX’s loyalty and marketing solutions, you can streamline the process of speaking to your shoppers as individuals by offering them promotions, member exclusives and other rewards that are relevant to them. We help you find ways to differentiate yourself from competitors, whether they’re online or down the street.

With us by your side, you can do anything

NCR VOYIX Consumer Engagement helps you create even more meaningful interactions with:

Enhance marketing effectiveness

Enhance marketing effectiveness with a rich array of complex, sophisticated and precisely segmented promotions

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Hear the voice of your customer

Capture and manage the real-time voice of the consumer

Increase agility

Increase business agility by responding to market changes easily and quickly

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Integrate with existing systems

Improve consistency across all your brand’s touchpoints by integrating with existing POS, store and headquarter systems

More than 4 billion concurrent offers are processed through NCR VOYIX Loyalty solutions every week

Don’t know which product you need? We can help you.

Make the most of your customers

  • Make better decisions with real-time data
  • Lower management headaches with easy-to-use plug and play solutions
  • Deploy quickly through integration with a variety of existing store systems
  • Reveal cross-channel engagement opportunities
  • Detect "at-risk" or declining customers
  • Get visibility into retention, acquisition, and basket size KPIs and customer indicators
  • Increase marketing efficiency and profitability
  • Enhance marketing effectiveness through sophisticated and precisely segmented promotions
  • Enhance business agility through flexible and responsive promotional offers

What makes NCR VOYIX products and
services different?

Consumer engagement, made simple.
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