Business Intelligence & Analytics

In today’s increasingly competitive retail environment, it’s vital to maximize information at your fingertips, converting raw data into useful insights. Retailers now have more sources of information about their customers than ever before, from loyalty programs to social media posts, so it's essential to be able to translate this into actionable intelligence.

NCR’s business intelligence and analytics solutions can help. For many, the most common use of this data will be to improve the level of personalization offered to consumers. Shoppers are already familiar with tools such as online product recommendations based on their purchase history, but with the range of information now available, you can add a new level of innovation and sophistication to interact with them.

Smarter Decisions

Make strategic decisions based on real and relevant data

Market Depth
Actionable Intelligence

Leverage all the data available to you to improve business performance

View checks in real time
Next-gen Personalization

Engage in highly targeted, customized communications & offers

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