NCR Pulse for Retail

A powerful mobile application, NCR Pulse for Retail enables retail store managers and regional retail agents to achieve the highest retail management efficiency and increase sales, even while on the go.

Available for Android and iOS, Pulse for Retail grants instant access to real-time sales and checkout figures, right on your smartphone, helping direct your attention to events of interest and other irregularities requiring immediate action.

NCR Pulse for Retail’s real-time dashboard features per-store sales and performance comparison data broken down by key metrics – net sales, number of transactions and average basket content – with granularity ranging from transaction-level details to executive summaries. Its notification capabilities include real-time alerts of any irregular activity, such as high return rates, high-priced item voids and unrecalled transactions – any of which may indicate and help avoid fraud. Pulse for Retail additionally delivers trends reports that help you determine the effectiveness of special promotions, and identify best and worst performing stores and checkout staff.




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