NCR R10 Store Management

NCR R10 Store Manager is a user-friendly back office application that allows retail managers to easily manage all store activities. This software solution includes advanced functionality for managing, monitoring and control over the cash office, electronic journal, analysis and reports, alerts and more. Like all other R10 touch points and tools, it is seamlessly connected to the R10 platform, an innovative single repository which encapsulates all business logic and data layers of the applications.

Being a web based application, NCR R10 Store Manager can provide its services from anywhere in the organization – centrally from the headquarters and/or in each store – regardless of the physical components deployment, per each retailer’s specific requirements.

R10 Store Manager provides:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency via simplified, real-time management of all store activities
  • Optimal customer service and shopper experience
  • Full store visibility through continuous monitoring and control of the status of various touch points (e.g. POS, self-checkout stations and others)



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