NCR VOYIX Back Office & Operations for Retail

We help you keep things running smoothly behind the scenes and get more from your investment as the world moves toward a cloud-enabled future.

[FPO] You’re great at serving guests, but what happens when they leave your restaurant?

While your point of sale or mobile app might be the shiny face of your brand, there’s a lot that goes into making sure everything is working together behind the scenes. Can your customers find and buy what they’re looking for, or are they disappointed by out-of-stocks? Do you know why a certain store is under-performing – and how to quickly address the problem? If not, NCR VOYIX can help, with a toolkit for easily managing your back office functions.

[FPO] Keep customers coming back for more with NCR VOYIX Consumer Engagement

[FPO] NCR VOYIX Consumer Engagement helps you create even more meaningful interactions with:

Break free from hardware dependence

Break free from hardware dependence as you evolve to a next-generation store architecture

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Inventory in real-time

See what’s really happening with your inventory in real time, from a total enterprise view down to individual stores


Forecast demand

Cut down on waste and increase profitability by accurately forecasting demand

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React faster

Easily make sense of complex data so you’re able react quickly to what is impacting your business

Work smarter, not harder

Take the grunt work out of time- and labor-intensive tasks, such as product assortment and pricing strategies

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Inventory Management & Replenishment

Get continuous, real-time visibility of both physical inventory levels and inventory valuation across all stores and across the enterprise, with a reduced total cost of ownership.

  • Real-time insight into inventory valuation at each store (and across the enterprise)
  • Automated inventory management and replenishment workflows
  • All inventory transactions tracked in real time: sales, in-store transfers, store-to-store transfers, returns-to-vendor, inventory adjustments
  • Supports and consolidates parallel inventory counts and financial valuation processes
  • Executes inventory management with customized workflows and intuitive user interfaces
  • Centralized deployment with store-specific views
  • Eliminates costly whole-store inventory counts
  • Highest possible inventory accuracy
  • Enables vendor reconciliation of inventory details
  • Provides analytics-based replenishment orders
  • Reduces total cost of ownership of store inventory management

Demand Forecasting

With a solution purpose built for the food industry, you can reduce on-hand inventory, increase order fulfillment rates and reduce average inventory costs.

  • Faster purchase order creation with turn buys
  • Easier buying decisions and high margin opportunities with forward buys
  • Suggestions and monitoring of key variables for stocking products
  • Complete vendor income tracking
  • Automation and optimization for purchasing perishables
  • Full order life cycle management

Central Reports

See what’s selling or stalling with real-time insights into everything from sales KPIs and trends to sales in total and by touchpoint, basket size, best-selling items and more:

  • Provides up-to-the-minute data vs. end-of-day or end-of-week reports
  • Standard or pre-defined reports, easily modified via simple drag-and-drop
  • Single, holistic view of all KPIs
  • Conditional formatting to easily identify outliers


Simplify everything with a single application that interfaces to your store systems, exchanges data with your vendors and ensures accurate and consistent item data and pricing across all systems and store locations:

  • Vendor collaboration portal for exchanging items, prices, costs and deals
  • Pricing rules for managing margins for regular retails and promotions across all stores
  • Item record with support for retail attributes and POS flags
  • Category analysis, sales history and shrink reporting
  • Integration with store systems including POS, loyalty and scale systems

Virtualization (Software Defined Store)

Give your stores a modern, scalable and flexible infrastructure without a costly equipment overhaul:

  • Centrally maintain store applications, reducing maintenance costs and yielding greater control
  • Break dependency between store hardware and software for significant cost savings
  • Allow mobile devices to be multi-purpose to deliver a higher level of customer service
  • Create an open and scalable IT ecosystem that makes it easier to test and deploy innovations

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